Home Features Terex Ecotec goes Electric with the TDS 820e Slow Speed Shredder

Terex Ecotec goes Electric with the TDS 820e Slow Speed Shredder

Terex Ecotec goes Electric with the TDS 820e Slow Speed Shredder

LEADING mobile environmental equipment specialist Terex Ecotec has expanded its shredding range with the introduction of the TDS 820e, an electric version of the industry leading TDS 820 Slow Speed Shredder.

It has been developed to meet the ever-changing demands of the waste management and recycling sectors as they look to move away from diesel powered equipment.

Purpose built to process all types of material, the TDS 820e with a powerful electric/hydraulic drive system offers the perfect blend of efficiency, control and performance. Customisable shredding programs allow operators to configure the machine to their specific requirements, reducing wrappage and maximising production.

More environmentally friendly in terms of emissions and noise, the TDS 820e replaces the Scania DC13 diesel engine with a powerful WEG electric motor. This change also results in reduced maintenance time and costs. The TDS 820e is fitted with a small CAT C2.2 engine for tracking and machine set-up, resulting in minimal down time.

Key features include an electric/hydraulic hydrostatic drive that provides increased protection against contamination and allows for bi-directional shredding. The 2-metre-long shafts are manufactured with a fully welded tooth configuration, which makes for massive throughput and excellent material reduction. Its independent gearboxes enable each shaft to be run separately reducing material wrappage in even the most difficult of applications.
Additional features include the tipping feeder which increases the feed area and hopper extensions, providing increased capacity in bulky applications.

Once manoeuvred into place via the robust tracked undercarriage, the TDS 820e simply connects to the electrical power supply, with the choice of a hard wire or quick connect plug option.

To learn more about the TDS 820e Slow Speed Shredder visit www.terex.com/ecotec

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