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January Skip Chick Corinne Davies always plays to win

January Skip Chick Corinne Davies always plays to win

A LITTLE bit psycho with a heart of gold, here’s Skip Chick Corinne Davies from Allstone Speedy Skips in Gloucester.

Hi! Tell us about yourself.
I’m Corinne Davies, I’m 27-years-old and I work at Allstone Speedy Skips where I’m Sales and Marketing Manager.

Excellent! Tell us a bit more about working there.
I’ve worked at Allstone Speedy Skips for two years. My day-to-day is meeting new customers, winning new work and keeping on top of all sales orders.

Sounds like they keep you busy. What do you like about being there?
The fact that we get paid is definitely a bonus! However, my work family are what gets me through the day for sure. The customers are totally fantastic and all so supportive of the business.

We all love pay day! What are you less keen on?
I would say the worst part of our jobs is probably the hours; they are long days.

What’s the one day at work you’ll never forget?
My dog got really poorly and my boss let me to bring him to work. He is a Rottweiler so not everyone’s first choice, however he is my baby and lapdog. My boss decided it was a good idea to take him for a walk and the collar slipped off his head. The panic on my boss’s face was hilarious, thinking that the dog would eat him or something.

Sounds like a ‘ruff’ day at work for your boss! Where will we find you when work’s done?
My two dogs, Ralph and King (Staffordshire Bull Terrier and Rottweiler) are like my children. I love taking them to new places and exploring. Spending time with friends and family and generally having a nice time. I have definitely got a daredevil side – I have just signed up to do a wing walk and also a bungee jump.

We were just going to ask about the craziest thing you’ve ever done, but it seems you’re ahead of us!
I had a pretty wild night out once which ended up with me booking a tattoo for the next day. I woke up and had a text to confirm it which I did not remember at all. Safe to say it’s a memorable tattoo as I went ahead with it.

Probably best we don’t ask for more details on that one! Romance is in the air – what would be your ideal date?
A romantic night would be a nice dinner followed by a bit of a spontaneous random one, whether it turns into drinks out or a competitive bowling game. But if it leads to being competitive, I am a seriously sore loser…

Better let you win, then. We’re granting you some superhero powers – what do you fancy?
I would say it would have to be to travel in time. The soppy side of this would be to travel back and see loved ones who have now passed away. But the cool side would be to time travel to different locations and also, of course, save the world.

You’ve got your work cut out on that last one. Let’s hear your theme tune.
All of my friends say it’s the song Sweet but Psycho.

Lovely that your friends have your back. Tell us a fascinating fact about yourself.
I was born in Canada; people always seem shocked by it.

What three little words sum you up?
Considerate, caring, CRAZY.

And Canadian, of course. Ever met anyone famous?
I did sit in Harrods in London next to the Chuckle Brothers, and I would say that was an absolute highlight.

Who doesn’t love the Chuckle Brothers?! Finally, hit us with your best joke.
I am a huge cheese addict, so it is only right that the joke is about cheese. “What did the cheese say to the therapist? I ‘camembert’ it any longer!”

Well, we ‘camembert’ saying good-bye to you. Thanks for being our fabulous Skip Chick!

Allstone Speedy Skips are based in Gloucester. Find out more by visiting www.speedyskips.co.uk

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