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Hockey hottie Rob Neal is Skip Hunk for January

Hockey hottie Rob Neal is Skip Hunk for January

FROM skydiving indoors to hockey, Skip Hunk Rob Neal of SunSkips in Suffolk is simply the best!

Greetings! Tell us a bit about yourself.
I’m Rob Neal, I’m 21 and I work as Commercial Account Manager at SunSkips in Suffolk.

How long have the guys at SunSkips had the pleasure of your company?
I’ve been there for just over a year. My daily tasks range from identifying and onboarding new opportunities to ensuring daily requirements of current customers are met.

You must be a busy chap. What do like about working at SunSkips?
Every day is different. People have weird/wonderful things to throw away.

One man’s trash is another’s treasure, so they say. Anything about the job that grinds your gears?
Nothing is rubbish about SunSkips – pardon the pun.

Sorry Rob, but WE do the puns on this page if you don’t mind. Sheesh! Anyway, what do you get up to when you’re not working?
I spend my spare time playing hockey or relaxing at the local spa.

Ever tried playing hockey AT the spa? Now that would shake things up on the massage table. Anyway, tell us about the craziest thing you’ve ever done.
Indoor skydiving!

Now that sounds like a lot of fun. Count us in next time. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner – what would be your perfect romantic date?
A Sunday lunch (roast beef, of course!) and my ideal date would be my better half, Em!

Playing it very safe there, Rob. Imagine you had superhero powers, what would they be?
The ability to fly, I would never to be late to anything again.

Well, that might hinge on when you actually take off and where you’re going, but the sentiment is good.
Let’s hear your theme tune.

Simply The Best by Tina Turner.

Don’t go selling yourself short now! Sum yourself up in three little words.
Thorough, attentive, astute.

It’s been a tough time recently and we all need a great holiday – where would you love to go?
Dubai. Hopefully I’ll be going later this year (depending on Covid).

Our fingers are crossed for you. Who would you love to invite round for dinner?
Tom Hanks – he’s by far the best actor out there.

A popular choice, but a well-deserved one at that. Never mind, how about a National Lottery win instead?
What would you love to buy?

An island in the Bahamas.

Nice, but quite tricky to commute to work every morning. Finally… let’s have your best joke.
Why did the scarecrow win an award? Because he was outstanding in his field!

And you’ve been outstanding as our Skip Hunk of the Month – thanks for playing along. Don’t forget to send us a postcard from Dubai!

SunSkips is based in Stowmarket, Suffolk. Find out more about the business at www.sunskips.co.uk

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