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Skip Chick of the Year 2021: Julie Watson from Tom Martin & Co

Skip Chick of the Year 2021: Julie Watson from Tom Martin & Co

SHE was a Skip Chick star in May and now lovely Julie Watson, 51, of the Transports and Operations Department at Tom Martin & Co Ltd. in Preston, has returned.

Give a big round of applause for our gorgeous Skip Chick of the Year!

Hi Julie! Huge congratulations on being crowned Skip Hire Magazine’s Skip Chick of the Year! How does it feel to be the very best of the best?
It’s amazing, nothing like this ever happens to me!

Well, it has now. Cast your mind back to May, when lockdown rules were finally eased, fans were back in football stadiums, and the UK entry scored ‘nul points’ in the Eurovision Song Contest. Even bigger news, you were our Skip Chick of the Month. What was that like for you?
I sent signed copies out! Seriously, it was the closest I will ever come to feeling like a film star. And it felt good.

Tell us about the past year – what has happened to lift your spirits and make you smile?
Well, back in February I met the love of my life. And I’m still smiling to this day. Long may it continue.

Time has passed so quickly. This year my grandson turned one and I have loved every minute of being a granny.

And a very glam gran at that! How’s it been at work – what’s given you and your workmates a bit of a boost, and made you smile?
We recently celebrated Halloween when we all dressed up, and are getting set to dress up for Mental Elf Day on 4 December to raise money for charity. We try to do this every year, but last year we couldn’t because of Covid. It all brings a little laughter into the workplace.

We all need some of that after the past year or so. But it’s a new year soon; what are your plans for 2022?
I’m planning to go to Bulgaria in February for a skiing holiday. I’ve never skied before – or broken a bone for that matter!

It’ll be downhill all the way. Have a great time and don’t get plastered – at least, not the wrong kind of plastered! What’s the one word that you’d use to sum up the past year?

We’re glad to hear it. We’re sure you’ll be looking forward to reading Skip Hire & Waste Magazine next year and seeing all of our 2022 Skip Chicks. But what’s your biggest hope for the coming year?
Just to live a long and happy life.

And so say all of us! Have a great 2022 and enjoy your reign as Skip Chick of the Year.

Tom Martin & Co Ltd. is based at
Bamber Bridge, Preston in Lancashire.
Find out more at www.tom-martin.co.uk

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