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CIWM still ‘hopeful’ after COP26 despite disappointments

CIWM still ‘hopeful’ after COP26 despite disappointments

THE Chartered Institution of Wastes Management (CIWM) has stated that there is still reason be hopeful that the Paris 2015 target can still be met despite what many will see as the last minute ‘watering down’ of the ‘Glasgow Climate pact’.

The organisation has also reiterated its call for waste and resources to be pushed up the global political agenda if the world is to stay within the 1.5C threshold.

Speaking following the close of the event in Glasgow, CIWM President, Dr Adam Read, said: “Whilst unfortunately we cannot say that COP26 has secured 1.5oC, unanimous agreement on revisiting emissions cutting plans, increasing financial support for developing countries and, for the first time, phasing down the unabated use of coal are positive steps that should give us some hope. 

“Whilst it was disappointing not to see waste and resources better represented on the main agenda, it was hugely encouraging to witness the sector proactively discussing practical action it can take to accelerate the development of the circular economy and battle climate change at a host of ‘fringe’ events. It is clear those working in the UK waste and resources industry are committed to moving to a world beyond waste and driving change despite the apparent lack of recognition on the international stage.”  

CIWM also recognises the importance of several other agreements at the event, including the commitment to reduce methane and the increased use of sustainable fuels in which its members will play an active role.

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