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November’s Skip Hunk: Alex Payne of Sackers

November’s Skip Hunk: Alex Payne of Sackers

TEN’SHUN! Army Reservist Alex Payne of Sackers Ltd is on parade and ready to serve as our Skip Hunk of the Month.

Hi Alex! Tell us all about yourself.
I’m Alex Payne, I’m 29 and I work at Sackers Ltd as a Plant Operator/HGV Driver.

An HGV licence is worth its weight in gold these days. Tell us more about working at Sackers.
I’ve worked for Sackers for six years. I operate different bits of plant within the metal and waste yard, and I also cover HGV driving as and when required.

You’ve been there a few years now, so what do you like about working there?
I love the job variation within my role at Sackers.

Any bits you really don’t like?
When the most vital machine breaks down… the tea machine.

What’s been the weirdest day you’ve had at work?
Watching a customer bring his scrap in a trolley was weird – you just don’t see that kind of thing these days.

True. How about when work finishes – where will we find you?
For the last 11 years I’ve been an army reservist. This takes up most my time, but if the army isn’t keeping me busy, I enjoy socialising with friends.

We salute you, Alex. Tell us about the craziest thing you’ve ever done.
A Tarzan swing off the side of a mountain in Austria! That was some epic experience and I would do it again.

We’ll sit that one out, thanks. Let’s set you up for a great night out – where would you go and who with?
My ideal night out would be a nice evening walk in the woods with my dog Tia.

Well, that would be a cheap night out – and no arguing over who buys dinner. Now, you’re already a bit of an Action Man, but how about some superhero powers – what would you like?
The ability to fly so I can travel the world. Imagine being able to see the world from a different point of view.

Right now, we’d settle for flying in a plane to somewhere hot with a beach. Let’s hear your perfect theme tune.
Sharp Dressed Man – ZZ Top.

We can see by the stylish way you wear your hi-vis that you have fully embraced the song’s message. Now, share a fascinating fact about yourself.
I’m an Army reservist and I’ve done two tours in my time. I’ve also travelled to Canada, Belgium, France, Holland and Austria, which have all been great life experiences.

Given that you’ve already covered half the world, where would be your ideal holiday destination?
Norway! I’d love to see the Northern Lights.

Which three little words sum you up?
Fun, loud, caring.

With your Army Reservist background and all that travel to talk about, you’d make a great dinner party host. Who would be your ideal guest?
Sir David Attenborough; he would have some brilliant stories to tell.

It’s been a rough time recently – what has got you through the misery of lockdown?
Working! It kept life relatively normal.

Who knew we’d all be so grateful to go to work? Now, ever met anyone famous? Who?
I met James May once, he was filming for Top Gear and came on a convoy with us.

Handy chap to have around if the tea machine breaks down again. Let’s get you a winning Lottery ticket – what are you spending your winnings on?
After making sure all my friends and family where sorted, I’d buy my own island.

Finally, make us laugh… can we have a joke please?
What do you get if you put ducks in a cement mixer? Quacks in the pavement.

That’s a quacker! All that’s left is to say a huge ‘thanks’ for being a top ranking Skip Hunk.

Sackers Ltd are specialists in scrap metal and waste recycling and are based in Ipswich. Find out more by visiting

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