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November’s Skip Chick: Sophie Marshall of SunSkips

November’s Skip Chick: Sophie Marshall of SunSkips

SADDLE up your horse and get ready to meet our Skip Chick, Sophie Marshall, of SunSkips.

Hi Sophie – nice to meet you. Tell us about yourself.
Hey! My name is Sophie Marshall and I am 27 years old.

Which fine company has the pleasure of paying your wages?
I work at SunSkips in Cambridgeshire, and I am a driver.

Excellent! Tell us more… how long have you worked there and what’s a typical day like?
I have worked here since July. I deliver, collect and exchange skips in and around Cambridgeshire.

A lovely part of the country it is too. What do you like about working at SunSkips?
Everything! I have always wanted to be a lorry driver, so I enjoy being in my own lorry every day. I love the challenges I come across and getting into tight spaces and reversing down windy, bendy driveways. No two jobs are ever the same. I love my colleagues – they’re all a good bunch. I also like meeting different people at each job.

You sound pretty happy at work. But there must be something that grinds your gears…
I enjoy all of it but if I really had to pick the worst bit it would be collecting a bin that’s full of flies.

Yuck! It was all sounding quite idyllic until you mentioned the flies. Apart from those little horrors, ever had a weird day at work that you’ll never forget?
Not yet but I’m sure I’ll come across something.

Only a matter of time. How about when work ends – what do you get up to?
I spend my spare time with my partner, friends and family. And my horse, Zax.

Can we tempt you with a romantic night out? Where would you love to go and who would be your ideal date?
A meal, maybe an Indian restaurant – I’m a sucker for an Indian. And my ideal date would be my partner, Ryan.

We’d love to bestow some superhero powers on you – what would you love to be able to do?
I think I would like to be invisible.

Reckon we’d all love to vanish into thin air now and again! What song would be your theme tune?
Happy by Pharrell Williams.

A jolly ditty indeed. Do you have a fascinating fact about yourself that will blow our socks off?
I can lick my elbow.

No idea why anyone would want to lick their elbow, but still it’s very impressive. What three little words sum you up?
Unique, bubbly and strange.

Sounds like a great combination! Now, while those Cambridgeshire roads must be lovely, where on Earth would you really love to go?
Maldives or Hawaii – somewhere hot and sandy.

We’re right behind you. The pandemic has been a challenge – what’s got you through it?
Working, my animals, my family and my partner.

We’re still working through our stock of toilet rolls and dried pasta. Who’s the most famous person you’ve ever met?
I met the actor who plays John Paul in Hollyoaks at an airport.

We’d love to give you this week’s winning Lottery numbers – what will you buy with your millions?
I would buy my dream farmhouse and lots of animals.

Finally… make us laugh with your best joke.
What do you call fake noodles? Impastas!

Boom, boom! We have loved having you as Skip Chick of the Month – thanks Sophie!

SunSkips operates across Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire. Find out more by visiting www.sunskips.co.uk

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