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October’s Skip Hunk: Lawrence Davis of Waste Logics

October’s Skip Hunk: Lawrence Davis of Waste Logics

HE can run, jump and eat for Britain. Meet our Skip Hunk Lawrence Davis of Waste Logics Software Ltd.

Hi, who do we have here?
I’m Lawrence Davis, 26 and I work at Waste Logics Software Ltd as Sales Manager.

Nice to meet you – tell us more about work.
I’ve worked here for six months. My role consists of responding to website enquiries, following up with leads, demo-ing to waste companies of all shapes and sizes including brokers, skip hire companies, trade waste companies, material recovery facilities and haulage companies.

Sounds pretty busy. What’s good about working there?
The team is welcoming and support each other. There’s also a huge wealth of waste industry knowledge in the company, so there’s always someone you can go to if you have a question that you need help with. Plus, the company is constantly evolving – it’s great to learn about all the new features that are always being planned and developed.  And I like not having to make everyone a cup of tea every time I go to the kitchen, because we all work remotely.

Lots of ‘plus’ points there. What’s the worst bit of the job?
When my wi-fi packs it in during a meeting.  

Look on it as the wi-fi gods giving you an extra screen break. What was the weirdest day at work?
A client joined a meeting, but they forgot that they were logged into their gaming email account. Let’s just say their display photo was NSFW.

Oops! Another lesson learned right there. What are you up to after work?
Going to restaurants with mates, DJ-ing, gym and training for athletics.

Pretty full on then! What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?
I hid inside a cupboard for one hour to avoid a rugby training session in Year 9. I got caught and was forced to play every fixture for the rest of the season. They didn’t get the hint…

Well, that ended badly. How about a nice, romantic night with someone special?
It would be a day at the beach – Barcelona please. Then food and cocktails by the beach with my ideal date, Jorja Smith.

How about some superhero powers – what do you fancy?
Becoming a fly on the wall so I can eavesdrop on conversations and laugh at people being goofy alone. Would have to be careful not to get squashed though.

Let’s hear your theme song.
Stardust – Music Sounds Better with You.

Thanks, Lawrence – that’s today’s earworm sorted. Got a fascinating fact about yourself to share?
I used to be an international triple jumper. I still do it but for fun – Waste Logics comes first, of course. I competed for England on several occasions and won the British University Championships twice.

Wow – we ARE impressed. What three little words sum you up?
I’m always hungry.

Take your mind off the rumbling tummy with a dream holiday – where to?
There are too many places and not enough time, but going to the Philippines is definitely up there, as Covid robbed me of my trip there last year.

Damn that blasted Covid! As you’re always hungry, how about dinner with your ideal guest – who would it be?
Jonathan Edwards – He’s held the triple jump world record for as long as I’ve been alive (26 years), I’d have a few beers with him and see if I could get him to leak his training secrets.

Sounds like a cunning plan. What has got you through the misery of lockdown?
The prospect of lockdown ending.

Ever met anyone famous? Who?
I met Skepta at Notting Hill Carnival and spoke to him whilst he was wearing a bullet proof vest. Turns out he was filming, so you can hear my voice on one of his Instagram posts saying “Keep up the great work Skeppy”.

He should be paying you royalties! Talking of money – imagine winning the Lottery. What would you buy?
I’d buy my parents a house.

Good boy. Finally, we need cheering up – tell us a joke!
There is a new trend in our office; everyone’s putting names on their food. I saw it today, while I was eating a sandwich named Kevin.

LOL! Thanks for making us smile – and for being an excellent Skip Hunk of the Month!

Waste Logics is a cloud-based waste management software that enables users to create and track bookings and analyse business performance. www.wastelogics.com

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