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October’s Skip Chick: Amy Black of Sackers

October’s Skip Chick: Amy Black of Sackers

SHE’S still standing, with a safe full of cash. Here’s our Skip Chick Amy Black, from waste specialists Sackers.

Hi Amy! Tell us all about yourself.

I’m Amy Samantha Black and I work at Sackers Limited as a Compliance Officer.

So, spill the tea – what do you get up to at Sackers?

I’ve worked for Sackers about three and a half years now. I started off on the weighbridge at the Claydon site, which lead to a career change within Sackers. I’m now responsible for compliance, managing our environmental permits, ISO standards and support health and safety. I’m currently working towards my NEBOSH certificate.

Sounds like you’re doing well. What do you like about working there?

I love the people I work with and the banter; it makes the days go so much quicker. There’s never a day when we aren’t laughing in the office.

Anything you could do without?

The admin side can pile up sometimes, but it needs doing.

Well, those permits won’t sort themselves. What’s the strangest day you’ve had at work?

When we found the safe full of money in one of our loads. We get lots of safes in but this one was different as it was full of cash! Some of it was still legal tender. I was part of the team counting it and I gave up when we got to £5k. It was very ‘foosty’.

What a find! What about outside of work – what are you up to?

I like to spend time with my friends and boyfriend, going shopping or to the pub for a drink – I mean, who doesn’t? I travel back home to Manchester as often as I can to see family.

Be even better if you can find a pub that takes damp, mouldy money that might not be legal tender. What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

I’ve skydived, but it was such an adrenaline rush that I got a nosebleed mid-dive and literally slept for the rest of the day – it took it right out of me. I even missed my Grandma’s 80th birthday party!

Well, that sounds very messy. How about a romantic night out with your ideal date instead – tell us about it.

If they were as witty as Ryan Reynolds, a simple pint at the pub would do.

Fancy some superhero powers? What would you like?

I’d have powers like Doctor Strange and be able to travel through time and space.

What? And risk another nosebleed?! It might get messy… You’ll need a theme song to get you going. Let’s hear it.

I really struggled with this, so I had to do an online quiz to find out. Apparently, it’s ‘I’m Still Standing’ by Elton John which made me laugh.

Surprise us with a fascinating fact about yourself.

I do karate. It helps keep the boys in the yard in line.

Bet it does! What three little words best sum you up?

Smiley, fun and loud.

Let’s send you on the holiday of your dreams – where would you love to go?  

I’d go to the Rio de Janeiro and dance in the streets.

Sounds fun. Can we interest you in dinner first? Who would be your ideal dinner guest?

Sir David Attenborough – I could sit and listen to him tell me load of stories. He’s like the nation’s grandad.

Back to reality – what has got you through the misery of lockdown?

Plenty of alcohol! Having the support from my twin sister and brother-in-law – they really got me through the first lockdown. We had a lot of family Zoom quiz nights.

Let’s cheer you up with a Lottery win – what’s on the shopping list?

I’d buy an island abroad.

Finally, make us laugh.

I always knock when I open the fridge because there may be a salad dressing.

Ha-ha! Well, all good things come to end, so all that’s left is for us to say a huge thank you for being our fabulous Skip Chick of the Month!

Sackers are specialists in scrap metal and waste recycling based in Ipswich. For more details visit www.sackers.co.uk

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