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July’s Skip Hunk: John Pesci from AMA Waste

July’s Skip Hunk: John Pesci from AMA Waste

HE’S got the Hollywood surname and now he’s starring as our July Skip Hunk. Here’s John Pesci of AMA Waste!

Welcome Mr Skip Hunk! Tell us about yourself.
I’m John Pesci (Unfortunately no relation of Joe). I’m 25. I work for AMA Waste Management as a sales executive.

Tell us more – how long have you worked there, and what do you do?
I did my first stint from 2016 to the middle of 2018 before coming back last Sept.

You must love it then! What’s so good about the place?
Every day is different and every phone call poses a new challenge. My colleagues’ energy and ability to laugh and smile through the most stressful of days certainly makes the job more enjoyable. That being said, the best part of the job has to be the COFFEE MACHINE!

Straight black coffee for me, thanks. Now priorities are sorted, tell us about the weirdest day at work.
I once had a woman ask if she could place her spouse’s corpse in the skip. I laughed, I obviously thought she joking. When I told her she couldn’t place him in the skip, she put the phone down without saying anything more.

Funerals are very pricey these days but that’s a bit extreme. What don’t you love about the job?
Running out of coffee or Wednesdays…

Imagine running out of coffee on a Wednesday! Disaster! How about outside of work – what are you up to?
You will either find me on the golf course or snooker table. If not, in the pub watching the football.

Ever done anything a bit crazy?
Coming back from a night out, me and a couple of mates decided to re-route a diversion for roadworks, which caused numerous vehicles to go around in a big circle. It caused mayhem the next day in a nearby tourist town, with a lot of visitors from out of the area not being able to find their way around the roadworks.

Naughty, but funny. Dim the lights for date night – where to and, importantly, who with?
She will probably read this, so I will have to say my fiancée, Courtney. There’d be good food and a few drinks in a city centre somewhere.

Courtney – make sure you get that night out! Now who wouldn’t love a superpower? What do you fancy?
I like the idea of telekinesis so I can get my coffee in the morning without having to get up from my desk.

Yes, because so much energy is wasted having to walk all the way across the room! How about sharing a fascinating fact about you?
I once played snooker non-stop for 24 hours, raising over £3.5k for Cancer Research.

Good man! Now, who would be your ideal dinner guest?
Jordan Belfort. I think we would have a great laugh and I’m sure his stories would be incredible.

Not going to lie, we had to google him. Ever met anyone famous?
Prince Phillip presented me with my Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award at St. James Palace.

We salute you. Imagine winning millions on the Lottery. What would you buy?
A house with a snooker table and golf simulator in it. Maybe an Audi too.

Seems fair. Finally, make us chuckle.
Recycling is just common sense, which explains why not a lot of people do it.

Maybe not the greatest joke in the world but thumbs up to the sentiment.
Now, it must be coffee time – again – so we’ll just say thanks for being a great Skip Hunk!

AMA Waste is based in King’s Lynn, Norfolk.