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June’s Skip Hunk: James Burton of KCM Waste Management

June’s Skip Hunk: James Burton of KCM Waste Management

MAKE some noise for this month’s Skip Hunk – on the drums it’s James Burton of KCM Waste Management.

Hi! Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m James Burton, 26, and I work at KCM Waste Management as Purchasing Manager. I’ve been there for eight years.

And how do you spend your days at work?

I purchase parts for our commercial vehicles, organise maintenance schedules, ensure all vehicles are legal and also assist the Transport Manager.

Busy, busy, busy! What do you like about the job?

I have a lot of fun with my colleagues and our suppliers, and have built up a great rapport with a network of professionals within our industry which is always a bonus!

Those contacts are worth their weight in gold. Any weird days at work to tell us about?

I can’t think of one weird day – there are that many!

Okay, how about the worst bit of the job?

Probably clocking in.

Where will we find you when you’re not at work?

Eating or drinking.

Well James, you certainly know how to live it up in your spare time! Tell us about the craziest thing you’ve ever done.

I’m just nuts in general.

Righto… how about when romance comes calling – what’s your idea of a really romantic night out?

Kebab and me.

A match made in heaven by the sounds of it. How about we give you some superpowers – what would you like?

The ability to turn water into cold refreshing Coors Light.

Now you’re talking. Pour us a pint and tell us what your theme tune would be.

Kasabian – Underdog.

How about you fascinate us with a fact about yourself?

I play the drums in a band!

We’re impressed – give yourself a drum roll and sum yourself up in three little words.

Daft, fun, honest

We’re sensing after this horrible past year, you might need a break. Where would you love to go?


Now that would be nice! Thinking cap on – who would you love to be able to invite around for dinner?

My grandad. No reason why, apart from to see him again.

And who would you say is your hero?

My grandad.

Ever met anyone who’s famous?

Georgia Toffolo (that bird off Made in Chelsea)

Well, we’re sure she’d love being referred to as “that bird!” Anyway, if you’re rubbing shoulders with the Made in Chelsea folks, you’ll need money – how would you spend your Lottery millions?

I’d make sure all my friends and family were looked after first.

Absolutely as it should be, too. Before you shoot off to bang those drums, hit us with your best joke.

Why was the broom late for work? It overswept!

We asked for your best joke but suppose that’ll have to do. Anyway, all that’s left is to say thanks for being a marvellous Skip Hunk!

KCM Waste Management is based in South Yorkshire.