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June’s Skip Chick: Poppy Kennedy of Dunmow Group

June’s Skip Chick: Poppy Kennedy of Dunmow Group

WHEN she’s not hard at work, she’s racking up likes on YouTube. Here’s Skip Chick Poppy Kennedy of Dunmow Group.

Hi! Please introduce yourself…

I’m Poppy Kennedy, I’m 18 and I work for Dunmow Group.

Tell us more – how long have you worked there, and what do you do day to day?

I’m a business administration apprentice. I’ve worked there for two and a half months. I work in the transport department.

Some people wait forever to become Skip Chick and you’re here after just a couple of months – well done!  What do you like about the job (so far)?

I enjoy speaking with drivers and chatting with my manager.

Glad they’re making you welcome. It’s early days, but any weird days at work?

We had a boat brought into our yard; it sat there all day.

Would have been even weirder if it had sailed away though… What’s the worst bit about the job?

Going home.

You are enjoying the world of work by the sounds of it! What do you outside of work?

Reading, baking, and filming and editing videos for a YouTube channel I run.

We’re good at eating cakes and watching YouTube – we could practically be related. Ever done anything a bit crazy?
I went abseiling a few years ago.

Romance is in the air – what would be your idea of the perfect romantic evening?

Something simple, probably just staying in with a takeaway. Johnny Depp is my ideal date.

What if we granted you superhero powers – what would you like?

Probably the ability to stop time, so that if anything bad was to happen to anyone I could try to stop it.

What song really sums you up – what would be your theme tune?

Headshrinker by Oasis.

Tell us something about yourself that will amaze us.

I sang at St Paul’s cathedral when I was 12 with my school choir.

What three little words sum you up?

Passionate, loyal, nerdy

How about heading off on the holiday of your dreams – where to?

I’ve always wanted to go on a road trip around America to visit my friends out there.

Who would make up your ideal dinner party?

Albert Einstein or Marie Curie or any of the scientists of the past, because then I could ask them questions about science and what they think of the world in the present day.

Reckon they’d think it’s pretty broken, but you never know… Speaking of which, what’s got you through the misery of lockdown over the past year?

I spoke to my friends almost every night, and I ate a lot of food.

You and the rest of us! We’d love you to win the Lottery – what would you splash out on?

I think I would buy a house first.

Make us laugh… can we have a joke please? 

Where are average things made? In the satisfactory.

Well, you’ve made us smile Poppy. Thanks for being a great Skip Chick – now back to work!

Dunmow Group is based in Chelmsford, Essex.