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May’s Skip Hunk: David Cooper from H Brown & Son Recycling

May’s Skip Hunk: David Cooper from H Brown & Son Recycling

HE is definitely maybe this month’s Skip Hunk. Welcome David Cooper of H Brown & Son Recycling Ltd, of Stoke-on-Trent.

Hi there! Tell us about yourself.
My name is David Cooper and I am 31 years young!

Tell us more.
I work for H Brown & Son Recycling Ltd of Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire. I am a Business Development Manager. I’ve worked here for one year.

Happy first anniversary! Tell us about the job.
On a day-to-day basis, I bring in new business as well as manage current customer accounts. I create waste management solutions for businesses of all sizes in all sectors, trying to save them some pennies whilst helping each customer to improve their environmental credentials.

We’d hire you. What do you like about working for H Brown?
I like the variation; every day is different. You never know what the next enquiry / challenge is going to be! I enjoy meeting new customers and building relationships. We have a tight-knit team and we all like to have a laugh every day which makes work an enjoyable place to be!

You’ve got to have a laugh now and again. Any weird days at work that had you chuckling?
I have seen many strange things inside skips, I think the weirdest was when someone’s collection of Ann Summers items came in, it was a bit of an eye opener!

We’re blushing here! Anything you don’t particularly love about the job?
Cowboys – if you know, you know. No, there isn’t really anything I don’t like other than maybe cars, traffic can cause chaos in such a service driven environment.

Those pesky motorists trying to get around when you have waste to shift! We feel your pain. What about outside of work – what are you up to?
I’m mad for walking at the minute but I like to keep fit, either at the gym, playing football and cricket or boxing.

Well, that’s exhausting! Ever done anything a bit crazy?
I once did a 200ft bungee-jump for charity on a pub car park. I won’t be doing another one any time soon!

We’d rather be in the pub! Shall we sort you out with the date of your dreams? Where to and who with?
Well, I would say a nice meal, a good laugh and a crazy afterparty! I reckon Mila Kunis would be a laugh.

How about we fix you up with some superhero powers to impress her: what would you like?
I would like to fly. I’d fly around the world and visit as much of it as possible.

Instead of Superman, you could be Supertourist! Every hero needs a theme tune – what’s yours?
Liam Gallagher, Once.

Amaze us with a fascinating fact about yourself!
I have done the 24-hour Three Peak Challenge and cycled over 400 miles for the Cardiac Risk In The Young charity in four days. Still feeling the effects four years on!

Wow, now that’s impressive, and for a great cause – well done! Now what three little words best sum you up?
Energetic, sociable and ambitious.

It’s been a rotten year and we all need a break. Where would you love to go?
I would have to say Australia – I really want to go diving with Great White Sharks before I’m pushing up daisies.

Yikes! Hope you’re a good swimmer. Who in the world would you love to have over for dinner?
Liam Gallagher – just to hear his stories. And it would be a good one to tell the lads I’ve got Liam Gallagher coming round for tea!

You might need to get in some extra cigarettes and alcohol for that! Who would you say is your ultimate hero?
My mum. My hero doesn’t wear a cape.

Good lad – you’ve got to look after your mum. Ever met anyone famous?
I have met quite a few footballers, some more famous than others! I think meeting Kym Marsh, Chris Tarrant and David Bradley at the Pride of Birmingham Awards was a highlight!

Get you, rubbing shoulders with the stars! You’ll need a Lottery win to keep up with them – what would you buy?
I would start with my dream car, a Range Rover! I think with the rest I would buy properties, go on holidays and just enjoy watching it disappear having a good time.

We’ll happily help you spend it! Finally, leave us laughing with your best joke.
What happened after an explosion at a French cheese factory? All that was left was de brie!

I was told my jokes were cheesy, but I think they’re pretty Gouda.

All that cheese talk has made us hungry: we’re off to make a cheese toastie. Thanks for being an excellent Skip Hunk!

H Brown & Son Recycling Ltd. is a family run waste management company in Stoke-on-Trent, with over 80 years’ experience. www.brownrecycling.co.uk