Home Company News Reconomy wins waste and recycling contract with ITM Power

Reconomy wins waste and recycling contract with ITM Power

Reconomy wins waste and recycling contract with ITM Power

THIS year, ITM Power, the globally recognised experts in Green Hydrogen, opened the world’s biggest electrolyser factory. The Gigafactory is set to manufacture large scale electrolysis equipment which when deployed could enable an additional two million tonnes of CO2 to be saved every year.

Reconomy, the UK’s leading provider of outsourced resource management and recycling services, will be managing all waste on-site including general waste, mixed recycling, food and metals. Bringing all services under one contract will help streamline services and create better visibility of service performance through a single set of management information. 

In addition to the day-to-day management of services, Reconomy will introduce clear signage and carry out engagement sessions with teams on-site to ensure waste is being correctly handled and segregated. Once services are established on-site, Reconomy will support ITM Power with their waste reduction targets that will help shape the waste services and ultimately provide a clear goal for all parties to work towards. 

Steve Hatton, Head of Account Management at Reconomy, said: “It is fantastic to be partnering with ITM Power at their new Gigafactory and we are optimistic that we can provide immediate value simply by being a single point of contact – rather than when services are split between multiple suppliers. We can take that administrative burden away and quite quickly identify where the possible savings and opportunities are as we move through the contract.”

Lee Hamilton, Head of HSE at ITM Power, said: “Here at ITM Power we are looking to engage our supply chain to assist ITM in our journey within manufacturing. Improving our waste management profile is a key part of our environmental strategy. Reconomy is seen as a key support function to assist in this journey and I am delighted to be working with them and look forward to reflecting on our joint achievements in the future.”