Home Company News Doppstadt employees mourn passing of company’s founder Werner Doppstadt

Doppstadt employees mourn passing of company’s founder Werner Doppstadt

Doppstadt employees mourn passing of company’s founder Werner Doppstadt

THE Doppstadt Group employees mourn the passing of the company’s founder and long-time CEO Werner Doppstadt, who died on 20 April, 2021 at the age of 77. Werner Doppstadt is survived by his wife Hedwig and his son Ferdinand with his family.

In the course of nearly five decades as the company’s CEO, Werner Doppstadt led the family enterprise, which was established in 1965, to international success. Born in Homberg, Germany, he first transformed his parents‘ farm into an agricultural contracting business together with his wife Hedwig and his brother Josef. In 1970 Werner Doppstadt developed the cleaning machine PUMA and laid the foundation for the rise of the company to a globally operating specialist for environmental and recycling technology.

Today the group with around 700 employees is one of the world’s leading machine manufacturers in the field of recycling and environmental technology and resource recovery. In 2012 Werner Doppstadt passed on the management of the enterprise to his son Ferdinand.

A spokesperson for The Doppstadt Group said: “The Doppstadt Group employees will remember Werner Doppstadt as a passionate developer and CEO. He was a man who always tackled projects with extraordinary courage and completed them with strong support of his wife and his brother. As a mechanical engineer, Werner Doppstadt could mainly be characterized by his curiosity, his innovative spirit and his foresightedness as regards the customers’ needs and the market.

“Keeping an attentive, analytical eye on his environment, he led the group of enterprises to success. “I have an idea“ was Werner Doppstadt’s catch phrase. He always focused on possibilities, not on problems, and invested his whole energy and financial resources in the further development of the enterprise.

“Thanks to his courage and entrepreneurial spirit, Werner Doppstadt was held in high esteem by the employees and enjoyed their confidence. His customers and suppliers always valued him as a competent partner. With his sense of humour and pragmatism he was a well-liked boss for his employees and provided valuable support to his team. The closeness to each single employee, the talk in the workshop and the daily tour through the halls were part of his philosophy and the basis for the company’s success.”