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April’s Skip Hunk Shaun puts the cycle in recycling

April’s Skip Hunk Shaun puts the cycle in recycling

HE’S a pedal-powered Iron Man with impressive sales figures. Say hello to our Skip Hunk, Shaun Owen of Eco Sustainable Solutions.

Hi there! Tell us about yourself
I’m Shaun Owen, I’m 39 and I work at Eco Sustainable Solutions as Sales Manager. I’ve been there for just over three years.

Tell us about your day.
I deliver unrivalled support for the sales team and all of our customers whilst continually scanning the horizon for new customers and development opportunities for the business!

Where would they be without you?! What do you like about working there?
It’s great to work with so many like-minded people who just want to do their best to preserve the planet while offering a first-class service.

You’re selling it well, Shaun! Tell us about the weirdest day at work you’ve ever had.
I think it’s best to keep this to myself!!!

Boo! Okay, what’s the worst thing about the job? There must be something you don’t like…
There isn’t a bad bit. Even when things go wrong it’s a good opportunity for us to prove how great we are by putting it right quickly.

How about when work is over for the day – where will we find you?
I love spending time with my family, but close seconds are cycling and swimming. I would have said triathlon but with a young family there’s not enough hours in the day.

Goodness, we’re exhausted just reading that. What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done?
I have done a number of Iron Man and half Iron Man challenges across Europe.

Takes us all our energy to sit through the Iron Man film without eating our bodyweight in popcorn, never mind all that sporty stuff. Tell us about your ideal romantic night out.
It would have to be with my wife otherwise I might get into trouble. A nice bike ride followed by some amazing food or a chilled night out at the cinema.

Sounds lovely. You’re good at Iron Man challenges, but what superhero power would you like to have?
I’d end single use plastic and global warming – we all need to do more for the environment. If I can make people change one thing in their lives, it would make a difference. Also, X-ray vision would be great for those few moments in life you need it.

How about a thumping theme tune?
Holding Out For A Hero, from Shrek 2

Amaze us with a fascinating fact about yourself.
I can eat a wrap from Cribby’s in 20 seconds.

Think we need video evidence of that, plus a tasty wrap for ourselves, of course. While we’re waiting, what three words sum you up?
Childish, team player, humble.

Err, that’s four words, but we’ll let you off. Maybe you just need a break – where would you love to go?
Having a young family, it would be great to take them to Disney World in Florida.

Fingers crossed you get there.  Now imagine you could invite anyone in the world to dinner – who would it be?
Jimmy Carr, as he would have me in stitches all night long.

Just don’t mention hair transplants, botox and veneers. Who would you say is your hero?
Peter Hardy, Eco’s commercial director.

How does winning millions on the Lotto sound? How would you spend your fortune?
A house with a big garage which I could fill with fast cars and expensive bikes!

Finally, Shaun, make us laugh with your best-ever joke.
Why are pirates called ‘pirates’? Because they just arrrrrrrrrgh!

Well, they do say the oldies are the goodies. Now, Shaun, it’s time to get back on your bike. Many thanks for being an excellent Skip Hunk!

Eco Sustainable Solutions is based in Christchurch, Dorset. www.thisiseco.co.uk