Home Skip Hunks February’s drummer boy Norbert goes from boy racer to Skip Hunk star

February’s drummer boy Norbert goes from boy racer to Skip Hunk star

February’s drummer boy Norbert goes from boy racer to Skip Hunk star

HE’S happy at work and bangs his own drum whenever he can. Here’s Norbert Selar of Britaniacrest Recycling, our Skip Hunk of the Month.

Hello, my good man! how about introducing yourself?
I’m Norbert Selar, I’m 37 and I work at Britaniacrest Recycling in Surrey.

Tell us more, Norbert.
I’ve been there for 10 years. I’m a machine operator, mainly loading shovel.

Good man. Sounds hard work, what do you enjoy about it?
Honestly, I like everything.

Well, it seems someone’s happy at work. Any memorable days at work?
Finding gold earrings in a skip.

We bet they look lovely on you, too. But for every good day there’s bound to be a downside. What’s your least favourite job?
Loading the PVC window lorry.

Never mind, it’ll soon be finishing time. Where will we find you?
Walking my sausage dogs and going to the gym.

Funny, we didn’t have you down as a sausage dog kind of guy! Ever done anything a bit crazy?
In the past, when I raced with my own car.

Let’s slow it down then. What’s your idea of a romantic night out?
I would have a romantic meal at home where I cook with candles and flowers at the table, followed by a sauna.

Oh, very steamy! How about we give you some superhero powers. What would you like?
I would change the world to the right way with whatever powers I had.

Think we’ll all settle for sorting out COVID-19 if that’s okay with you. What’s your special theme tune?
It’s Friday then Saturday, Sunday, and In My Mind.

Sounding good. Tell us a fascinating fact about yourself.
I play drums.

Bet the neighbours just love you! How about three little words that sum you up?
Crazy, nice, lovely.

How about a break away from all the madness of the past year? Where would you love to go?
The Maldives.

Before you go, how about a dinner party? Who would you love to invite?
Donald Trump; I’d like to know how his mind works. And Vladimir Putin because I’d like to know how he got where he is today.

Good luck with both of those! First though, who’s your hero?
My daughter and my brother.

Ever met anyone famous?
50 Cent.

Impressive! He’s got money to spare, but what if you won the Lottery, what would you splash out on?
I’d buy a house for my daughter.

Finally, hit us with your best joke!
What do you get when you crossbreed a cow and a shark? I don’t know, but I wouldn’t enjoy milking it.

Boom boom! They say leave them laughing, so while we’re smiling we’d like to say thanks for being a cracking Skip Hunk!

Britianiacrest Recycling is based in Horley, Surrey. Find out more at www.britaniacrestrecycling.co.uk