Home Skip Chicks February’s Skip Chick: Partying Helena is a tattooed treat

February’s Skip Chick: Partying Helena is a tattooed treat

February’s Skip Chick: Partying Helena is a tattooed treat

HIDE the beans: our February Skip Chick is a bean-phobic, pasta-tossing bat out of hell. Meet Helena Baker of KCM Waste Management.

Hi! Tell us a bit about yourself.
I’m Helena Baker, I’m 25 and I’ve worked at KCM Waste Management in South Yorkshire for just over six months.

And what do you get up to there?
I’m a logistics administrator. I organise our trade waste disposal drivers’ routes, answer any customer queries and fulfil general reception duties.

Spill the beans… what’s it really like working there?
The best part of the job is the people I work with; it is a really nice office environment and I get to do different things every day.

Ever had one of those days at work that you might want to forget?
On my second week in the job, I accidentally threw my entire box of pasta all over the office and the visiting IT technician. Does that count?

Reckon it’s a day the IT technician might want to forget. Anything about the job that you really don’t like?
When it’s warm outside, we tend to get a few flies inside!

They’re probably looking for more pasta! What do you get up to when you’re not at work?
The pub!

Cheers to that. Ever done anything a little bit crazy?
So far I’ve not been able to go on a single girls’ holiday without coming home without a new tattoo.

Maybe a romantic night with the man of your dreams would be more sensible. Who with and where to?
Definitely at the pub with Robbie Williams.

Imagine you could have superhero powers – what would you fancy?
I would be invisible for the day so I could spy on everyone!

We better behave ourselves then. Got a theme tune that sums you up perfectly?
Meatloaf – Bat out of Hell.

A belter. Can you amaze us with a fascinating fact about yourself?
Sounds strange but I am petrified of beans!

Yes, because beans can be so scary sitting in their tin covered in tomato sauce. Anyway, what three words sum you up best?
I asked my co-workers and they said “clumsy, food-obsessed and an alcoholic”!

Well, that’s kind of them. Don’t they know you’re pretty lethal with a box of pasta? Take a break – where would you love to go?
Ibiza twice a year, for six months at a time.

Before you jet off, who would be your ideal dinner guest?
Tom Jones, I think he could be a very interesting man.

Be good for a post-dinner karaoke session too. Who’s your hero?
My mum – nobody else comes close.

Just as it should be too. Fancy a big Lottery win? What would you spend your money on?
An island so I can go and self-isolate!

We may join you. Finally, hit us with your best joke.
I could tell you a joke about pizza but it’s a bit cheesey!

Groan! We’ll let you off for that rotten joke and just say thank you for being a top-notch Skip Chick.

KCM Waste is based in Rotherham, South Yorkshire. www.kscmwaste.com