Home Skip Hunks January Skip Hunk Chris is a pitch perfect star

January Skip Hunk Chris is a pitch perfect star

January Skip Hunk Chris is a pitch perfect star

LOCK up the kebab shops and get your celebrity football friends together for this month’s Skip Hunk, Chris Moralee of SBT Skips.

Hi there! Tell us a bit about yourself.
I’m Chris Moralee, and I’m 40.

Which fine establishment has the pleasure of paying your wages?
I work at SBT Skips in Leeds. I am the Transport & Yard Manager.

Been there for a while?
I have worked here two months now.

Time flies when you’re having fun. Have you even had a chance to find out if you like it there?
Ha ha! I like the wage… No seriously, there’s a great bunch who work here.

What’s the weirdest day you’ve had at work (so far!)?
Hmm, well one of the lads recently found a plastic female portable pleasure doll…

Think we’ll stop you right there! Is there anything about the job that you don’t love?
The view out of the office window; it’s a fence.

Oh dear. Sounds like you need to move your desk. What do you get up to outside of work?
I have four kids, so I spend my time with my them as well as running a celebrity charity football club called Supporting Charities FC.

That sounds brilliant! What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?
Where do I start? After a few drinks I am the idiot you see walking naked into a kebab house.

Assuming romance isn’t on your mind when you’re busy terrifying the kebab shop staff, where would your ideal date night be – and who with?
A candlelit meal overlooking the beach, bottle of wine… Rita Ora would be great company.

You’ll need superhero powers to impress her. What would you like?
The ability to make everyone be nice to each other and more supportive.

You’re such a softy! Let’s hear your theme tune.
Something cheesy like Chesney Hawkes – I Am The One And Only.

You do sound pretty unique. Hopefully 2021 means holidays are back on the agenda. Where to?
This sounds so random but I love Poland. I do get to go there a lot due to my brother living there. It’s such a beautiful place.

Sounds pretty good to us. Imagine the best night out possible, who would you have along for the fun?
I would love to go on a sesh with Adam Sandler; the guy’s a legend.

Kebab shop owners around the country will be shaking in their shoes. Who would you say is your hero.
Probably my kids. Cheesey I know but they bring the best out of me.

We’re guessing you don’t have teenagers… Ever met anyone famous?
Yes, because I run a celeb football team I have many actor friends from Emmerdale and Hollyoaks, along with current and ex professional footballers.

We are super impressed at your celeb connections. How about splashing the cash with a huge Lottery win?
I’d buy my own island.

Sounds like bliss. Finally, make us chuckle with a joke.
I’ll go along with one my four-year-old Ezra gave to me: What do monsters like eating? Ice scream!

Well done Ezra! Meanwhile, all that remains is for us to say thank you for being a brilliant Skip Hunk.

SBT skip hire is based at Yeadon, Leeds. www.sbtskips.com