Home Skip Hunks November’s Skip Hunk Andy is our blue-eyed boy – or is he?

November’s Skip Hunk Andy is our blue-eyed boy – or is he?

November’s Skip Hunk Andy is our blue-eyed boy – or is he?

IT’S a ‘thumbs up’ and plenty of ‘likes’ from us for social media guru Andy Chapman of Circle Waste, our Skip Hunk of the Month.

Well hello there! Tell us a bit about yourself.
I’m Andy Chapman and I’m 24 years old.

And which lucky firm has the joy of employing you?
I work at Circle Waste as a marketing executive, covering promotional content from graphic design, videography and social media posts

No rummaging about in the bottom of mucky skips for you then. Tell us more.
I’ve worked here for just over two months and spend my days finding creative ways to publicise the company, updating our social media posts such as waste management facts of the week and general updates on the brilliant services we offer.

So, is it a ‘thumbs up’ place to work, or ‘thumbs down’?
Circle Waste prides itself on its friendly nature, both with customers and colleagues. There is never a dull day and coming to work feel less like a job. You’re guaranteed at least a few times a day to be laughing hysterically.

Any jobs going? First, tell us about the weirdest day you’ve had so far.
I am frequently asked to Photoshop colleagues in certain situations or onto certain objects, some stranger than others! I’ve had requests to Photoshop a team member onto a rocket, and another to look like their son.

Photoshop us £1m and a one-way ticket to the Bahamas please! Ever done anything a bit crazy?
On a night out I dislocated my shoulder and decided instead of going to the hospital, I’d go to McDonalds, watch the sunrise and go to bed. I woke next day in agony and went to hospital. In my effort to get dressed, I’d popped my shoulder back in on a dodgy angle.

It’s date night, tell all!
I would rather go for drinks and get dressed up for a fancy meal than anything extravagant like dancing in the rain. If I had to pick an ideal date it would absolutely be Karen Gillan, absolute sucker for a red head!

You’re going to need some superpowers to impress her.
I would make the most use out of being telepathic but I’d ideally want powers like someone powerful and cool like Thor or Wolverine. I like to think I’d use them for good but knowing my luck I’d end up being like Deadpool causing more damage than I solve.

Hang on, is that your theme tune we can hear? What’s playing?
Walk by Foo Fighters. The message of constantly picking yourself up and progressing is inspiring.

Blow our minds with a fascinating fact about yourself.
I have Heterochromia Iridis which means my eyes are different colours. My left eye is completely blue while my right is partially blue and partially brown.

Well, that is weird. We know you’ve just arrived at Circle Waste, but let’s send you on holiday anyway. Where to?
I’ve never actually been abroad. I’d like to experience a completely different culture, Japan being at the very top of that list.

Before you head off, who would you love to invite to dinner?
Danny DeVito or Mark Hamill. I’m a big fan, and they appear to nice people with great stories. And the late Stan Lee – that man was a legend and shaped most of my childhood.

Old Stan knew a hero or two but have you ever met anyone famous?
At university I met Dick and Dom and played a game of Bogies with them on stage. I also met the bass player from the Fratellis at a gig in Newcastle. My all-time favourite was meeting Basshunter outside his hotel and sharing a chat and some drinks with him!

Finally, make us laugh.
At an old man’s funeral, an attendant stands up and says to the widowed wife, “May I say a word?”. The widow replies, “Yes certainly!”. The attendant goes to the front of the church and says “Plentiful” and returns to his seat. The widow looks at him, tears in her eyes and says: “Thank you, that means a lot.”

Your answers have meant a lot to us, so all that’s left is to say cheers Andy for being a brilliant Skip Hunk!

Circle Waste is based at Tottenhill Retail Park, Tottenhill, King’s Lynn, Norfolk. Find out more at www.circlewaste.co.uk