Home Skip Hunks Stand by your beds! Ex-marine and October’s Skip Hunk Marc is reporting for duty

Stand by your beds! Ex-marine and October’s Skip Hunk Marc is reporting for duty

Stand by your beds! Ex-marine and October’s Skip Hunk Marc is reporting for duty

‘TEN-SHUN! Don’t mess with this month’s Skip Hunk, ex-Royal Marine Marc Brimacombe of EMS Waste Services.

Hello, who do we have here then?
I’m Marc Brimacombe and I’m 33.

So we’ve got your name and number, give us more.
I work as an HGV Driver for EMS Waste Services in Plymouth. I’ve been there for nine months, and I deliver and collect skips.

What motivates you to get up at get to work in the morning?
The people I work with and meeting people on sites or at their homes. No two days are the same.

Variety is the spice of life, apparently. Anything that grinds your HGV gears?
Squeezing down tight lanes and not knowing when it’s going to end!

Sounds like you need a new sat nav. What’s been your weirdest day at work?
Nothing yet that I haven’t seen before.

Really can’t decide if that’s a good or bad thing. Finishing time – where will we find you when you’re not working?
Spending time with my family.

Family first, we always say. And if the family are in the pub, it’s even better. Ever done anything crazy?
Fast-roping out of a helicopter.

We tend to prefer to wait for our aircraft to land before making our exit. Anyway, how about a romantic date – where to and who with?
Pizza, cider and a beach location with the other half.

Whoever said romance was dead clearly hadn’t had a Domino’s Mighty Meaty and can of Strongbow beside the sea. Apart from the power of love, what other super power would you like?
The power of hindsight to make things right first time around.

The man who never made a mistake is the man who never does anything, so they say. All getting a bit deep. Let’s hear your theme tune.
Dire Straits, Brothers in Arms.

Bit tricky to dance too, but we like the sentiment. Now tell us something fascinating about yourself.
I served eight years in the Royal Marines where I was lucky enough to visit and see many countries and cultures.

We salute you for serving our country and giving your time to keep us all safe. Good man! What three little words sum you up best?
Determined. Caring. Respectful.

You sound a grounded type of chap, ever met anyone famous?
Yes, David Cameron.

We said ‘famous’ not ‘annoying’. Right, think we all need a holiday after the horrible past few months. Where do you fancy going?
The French Alps.

Before you head for the hills, who would be your ideal dinner guest?
Ricky Gervais, for a free night of entertainment.

Well we all need a good laugh these days! And a Lottery win would be nice. How would you spend yours?
A mansion, cars and watches!

Who would you say is your real-life hero?
My little boy Max.

Aww, reckon you might be his hero too. Getting a little bit mushy now, so let’s wind it up with your best joke.
As I said before, I never repeat myself.

Okay, so your jokes are rotten, but we’ve thoroughly enjoyed our little chat. Huge ‘thank you’ for being a superb Skip Hunk.

EMS Waste Services has its headquarters in Exeter and bases throughout Devon.
Find out more at www.emswasteservices.co.uk