Home Skip Chicks October’s Skip Chick: What would Sabrina Agadoo-do-do?

October’s Skip Chick: What would Sabrina Agadoo-do-do?

October’s Skip Chick: What would Sabrina Agadoo-do-do?

SHE’S the shoe queen who has survived an encounter with Black Lace. Here’s our Skip Chick, Sabrina Furniss of Foxhall Environmental.

Who do we have here?
I’m Sabrina Furniss and I’m 32.

Which fine establishment has the pleasure of employing you?
Foxhall Environmental in West Yorkshire. I’m a Business Account Manager.

What do you do, day to day?
I liaise with clients and suppliers on a daily basis and deal with their accounts. I am in charge of the Business Development side and currently launching our new paperless system that will push the business to the next level for our clients.

What’s been the strangest day at work?
I once got stuck in a toilet with a rat; not good when you have a phobia of rats. It was like something from I’m A Celebrity; I dropped the key and couldn’t get out. Eventually I got the door open and ran out – but with my pants around my ankles!

You may have just given us the answer to the next question there. But… what’s the worst bit of the job?
Honestly, there isn’t one. I love the fast pace and the banter with the drivers. I’ve even overcome my phobia of rats!

What are you up to when you’re not working?
I’ll be with my little girl, who’s eight. She is a ‘mini me’ and my world. That said, I do enjoy a bottomless brunch with the girls now and again.

Absolutely essential, we’d have thought. Ever done anything a bit crazy?
Foxhall sent me on a personal development course that pushed me out of my comfort zone. I had to endure hiking and jumping from telegraph poles – it ended with me walking on hot coals! It was amazing; I came out of it a different person.

Dim the lights for some romance, what’s your idea of the perfect romantic night out?
My ideal date partner would be Ant Middleton – an ideal date would be to be wined and dined.

He’s a real life superman, so what would your super hero powers be?
I’d like to be able to get everything done with just a click of my fingers – the cleaning, ironing and washing and everything else done in an instant.

Amen to that. Tell us a fascinating fact about yourself…
I was in a remake of Black Lace’s Agadoo video. I was only around eight years old.

Who could forget that classic tune? Sadly, no-one. Let’s get you a break somewhere nice – where to?
Anywhere would be good right now! But I love Dubai and I’m really wanting to go to Bali next year.

Very exotic. We’ll settle for just getting out of the house. Who would be your ideal dinner guest?
Marilyn Monroe – she was beautiful and would be interesting to talk to.

Ever met anyone famous?
I met James Arthur in Ibiza. I sat with him at his table and he was really nice. And I’ve met Black Lace – obviously!

Doesn’t get much better than Black Lace to be fair. How does a big Lottery win sound?
I’d take my little one to Disneyland without a doubt. I also have a weakness for designer heels so I’m sure a shopping trip or two would be on the cards as well.

Finally, make us laugh with your best joke!
What do you call a man who stands outside a house? Dwayne Pipe!

It was all going so well too. Never mind, you’ve still be a superb Skip Chick. Thanks!

Foxhall Environmental is based in Batley, West Yorkshire. Find out more at www.foxhall-ltd.co.uk