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Waterbaby Melanie goes from Aquawoman to May Skip Chick

Waterbaby Melanie goes from Aquawoman to May Skip Chick

POUR the wine, pop in your contact lenses, and meet our Skip Chick, Melanie Donald from EIS Waste Services Ltd.

Hi Melanie – tell us a bit about yourself.
I’m Melanie Donald, I’m 30 and I work at EIS Waste Services Ltd in Aberdeen.

And what’s your job there?
Hazardous Waste Co-odinator.

You should meet our Skip Hunk Stuart – you’d have plenty to chat about! Tell us more.
I’ve worked there for four and a half years. I assess and quote for hazardous waste disposal jobs and arrange the safe uplift and disposal. Any vessels that come into Aberdeen Harbour, I arrange the uplift and disposal of their waste also.

Sounds busy. What do you like about working there?
I’ve been working at home lately due to the COVID-19 situation and with not being around everyone on a daily basis, I’ve really missed everyone so far. Your work friends definitely become your second family.

What’s the worst job you’ve had to do?
Go out and work in the yard to do paperwork for containers coming in. The shovel driver deliberately kept turning the green waste. If you work in waste you know how rotten that smell is.

Makes the time away from work all the more precious. Where will we find you?
Drinking wine. A lot of wine. Going for walks with my dog and friends. Seeing family. Beer gardens in the summertime. Day trips here and there, weekends away. Nothing exciting or wild here.

The wine and beer bit sounds great to us. Ever done anything a bit nuts?
No, because I am an absolute wimp. I did do canyoning and had to jump off a 15ft cliff into water. Doesn’t sound scary but for someone who can’t swim properly and doesn’t like deep water I almost had a heart attack. I opened my eyes when I hit the water and lost both contact lenses. Absolute drama!

May your contact lenses forever rest in peace. How about a romantic night out?
I’m easily pleased. Let’s get a Nandos take away and munch it by the beach. Jason Momoa. Always Jason.

Aquaman needs a partner with superhero powers – what would you like?
To make myself invisible so I could be the fly on the wall. I am so nosey!

Hit us with your signature tune.
The theme tune from Jaws; here comes trouble!

Let us into a fascinating fact about yourself.
I can put my leg behind my head. Not that that is of any use for anything. But I am getting on in age so if I can still do that in 10 years I will be winning at life.

Great if you want to scratch your ears with your toes, of course. Let’s send you off on a fabulous holiday – where to?
The Bahamas, so I can go and swim with the pigs.

It was going fine until you mentioned the pigs. Ever met anyone famous?
The Queen. She’s famous right?

She seems to be quite well known. Pretty well off too. Let’s give you a few million – how would you splash the cash?
I’d buy my own jet so I can fly anywhere I want when I want. It would have to come with its own personal pilot. Preferably he needs to look like Jason Momoa.

Thanks Melanie! All that remains for us to say is thanks for being a superb Skip Chick.

EIS Waste Services is based at Nigg in Aberdeen. Find out more at www.eiswaste.com