Home Company News Hands together for PAL Hire’s sanitiser stations

Hands together for PAL Hire’s sanitiser stations

Hands together for PAL Hire’s sanitiser stations

LEADING UK-wide hire supplier PAL HIRE, has secured a deal provide hand sanitiser stations with a guaranteed gel supply for businesses looking to secure the hygiene of their workers and customers.

With an easing of lockdown restrictions rumoured to begin within the next few weeks, the Manchester-based company stands poised to assist businesses and construction sites to protect their workers, as both HSE and CLC guidelines insist workplaces provide additional hand washing facilities, with adequate supplies of soap, water and hand sanitiser.

The dispensers, which come in a variety of sturdy indoor and outdoor, free standing and wall-mounted units, are set to become a key feature of PAL’s Back To Work package deals, providing essential kit and services for companies and the coronavirus crisis recedes.

“We are hugely excited when we are able to secure the deal,” confirmed PAL Hire director Dan Daintry. “It has been extraordinarily difficult for suppliers and distributors up and down the country to secure hand sanitiser gel, but we can now guarantee our customers a reliable stream of it, produced right here in the UK.”

Unusually for the hire company, the units are being offered for sale, as well as for hire. “The cost of hiring these stations will amount to the cost of a sale within a few weeks,” Dan continued. “But increased hygiene standards are not a short-term, knee-jerk reaction to the coronavirus situation.

“This is a huge sea change for the whole UK – and beyond. We will certainly see a huge increase in public hygiene as a permanent fixture of public life. I can well see sanitiser stations becoming perfectly normal – required, even – at events, building sites, venues… anywhere people gather.

“The gel itself is made to a very high standard. I’m sure we’ve all had very dry hands from washing them all day recently, but this gel contains emollients which mean it doesn’t dry out the skin. In addition to that, it’s ecologically friendly and protects your hands for up to two hours.

“Best of all, the fact that it is British-made allows us to guarantee our customers a steady supply, even as the lockdown lifts.”

The hand sanitiser stations are available to hire or buy now.