Home Skip Hunks March Skip Hunk: Leeds lad Charlie is a strutting peacock in his boots

March Skip Hunk: Leeds lad Charlie is a strutting peacock in his boots

March Skip Hunk: Leeds lad Charlie is a strutting peacock in his boots

HE’S football daft and is definitely a bit of a charming man. Here’s our Skip Hunk, Charlie Moore of Leeds-based Forge Skip Hire and Forge Recycling.

Hi Charlie! Tell us a bit about yourself.
I’m 27 and work at Forge Skip Hire and Forge Recycling in Leeds. I’m bulk operations planner.

How long have your workmates had the privilege of working with you?
Three years. I started in accounts, and now I manage the entire skip and RORO operation.

It’s a meteoric rise through the ranks! What do you like about the job?
I like that I can have a laugh and a joke with the office staff and drivers alike.

Glad you have a sense of humour or this could go badly wrong. Any bits of the job you really hate?
I could really do without the overloaded skips. They mar my day.

On the other hand, we love an overloaded skip photograph – so send them in! Anything odd ever happened at work?
How to put this politely? We once found some ‘large marital aids’ discarded in one of our skips.

Oo-err! Bet that put a smile on your face. With that in mind, dare we ask how you spend your spare time?
Suffering while I watch Leeds United occupies a lot of my spare time. Promotion this year though, in Bielsa we trust! Leeds! Leeds! Leeds!

It’s just like being on the terraces with you! Yay! Meanwhile, back to the questions. Ever done anything a bit crazy?
Whilst I was in my physical peak (it was a great 2 weeks) I completed a 10K British military fitness challenge.

Hats off to you, some of us can barely walk 10K. How about a little romance?
I love a city break away in Europe. My ideal date would be my wonderful girlfriend (because she will be reading this).

Smart move Charlie. How would you like some superpowers? Anything you fancy?
X-Ray vision – and not for that reason! I want a movie made about me and my awesome talents.

Next time Spielberg calls, we’ll suggest he heads to Leeds. Got a theme tune?
The Smiths – This Charming Man.

Couldn’t be more appropriate. Hit us with a fascinating fact that will stun us.
I played the king of rock ‘n’ roll Elvis Presley (actually, the Pharaoh) in my Year 6 production of Joseph and the Technicolour DreamCoat. I still have the moves. Uh hu hu!

The similarities are uncanny. What three little words sum you up?
Bubbly, funny, drunkard.

It was going so well until you got to the third one! Got any celebrity gossip for us?
I met Pontus Jannson (ex-Leeds player) in the lounge of Manchester Airport. We weren’t happy as Leeds had lost (again).

Sad. Let’s cheer you up with a lottery win. How will you spend your fortune?
First and foremost I would buy my local boyhood football club (Farsley Celtic FC) and I would also buy a superyacht and dock her in San Antonio Bay, Ibiza.

Just a small spending spree then?! Finally, let’s hear your best joke.
What’s the difference between a Hippo and a Zippo? One’s a little lighter!

Well you’ve certainly brightened up our day and been a top-notch Skip Hunk. Oh, and… C’mon Leeds!

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