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VWS FEL bin weighing awarded EU type approval

VWS FEL bin weighing awarded EU type approval

VEHICLE Weighing Solutions Ltd (VWS), has achieved EU type approval for its market leading ENVIROWEIGH bin-weighing system to be fitted to front-end loading (FEL) vehicles and used for Pay by Weight services.

Julian Glasspole, Chairman at VWS, said: “This is great news because we can now provide for every aspect of our customers’ weighing needs, all under one roof. We are delighted that they can now all have their entire refuse vehicle fleet fitted with our highly accurate bin-weighing system.”

Designed and manufactured in the UK, the ENVIROWEIGH bin weighing and bin identification system is installed to the bin-lifting hoists of Refuse Collection Vehicles (RCVs). It is approved for charge by weight services and provides individual bin weights whilst displaying a running total of collected weights, which helps crews to prevent overloading.

The system can be installed to most types of RCV and weighs the precise weight of wastes collected from wheeled bin containers to accuracies of 0.5% or 1kg. For front-end loading vehicles the system is certified to an accuracy of 20kg and will list up to 3,500 kg.

The system comes with a data logger to record every weight transaction, a ticket printer, a keyboard to input data such as customer, material or bin type, and a barcode wand to scan on and off customers’ sites or assign a customer to a lift. ENVIROWEIGH integrates easily with telemetry systems and comes with an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) control module plus RFID tag readers.

A British company, VWS is the market leader in vehicle on-board weighing, axle overload protection and bin-weighing. The company manufactures all its own load cells and installs its equipment here in the UK. VWS systems are widely used across municipalities and commercial waste contractors all over Europe.