Home Company News Keenan Recycling to spread the word on the benefits of the Circular Economy

Keenan Recycling to spread the word on the benefits of the Circular Economy

Keenan Recycling to spread the word on the benefits of the Circular Economy

SCOTLAND’S largest food waste collection company Keenan Recycling is proud to announce that its environmental compliance manager Rachael Reid has volunteered to be a circular economy ambassador as part of Aberdeen & Grampian Chamber of Commerce’s (AGCC) Circular North East initiative.

Rachael is one of around 40 circular economy ambassadors that will assist Circular North East in educating businesses in the region on how to move away from the ‘take-make-dispose’ model of the linear economy that is widely understood and make more sustainable operational decisions that cut or eliminate waste.

Rachael explained: “At Keenan our entire business is dedicated to reducing waste that ends up in landfill by recycling food or garden waste into biofuel. As a circular economy ambassador, I look forward to advocating for waste reduction not just through recycling, but also through reducing waste produced in the North East.”

Passionate about the environment and making a difference, Rachael, a qualified conservational biologist, is thrilled to be part of the new group.

“I’ve always cared about protecting our environment and tried to live a green lifestyle which is why I enjoy my role at Keenan, educating our customers on what the circular economy is, why it’s so important that we reduce landfill waste levels and how Keenan can help them do this.

“Recycling and managing food waste is such an easy way to really make a positive impact to our world. I’m pleased to be given the opportunity to talk to other businesses, alongside like-minded professionals to encourage a green movement across the North east.”

As well as the ambassador network, Circular North East has assembled a steering group, of which Rachael is also a member, to discuss more wider strategic aspects of the circular economy in the region and how it relates to issues such as climate change, the wider economy and the national waste agenda.

Jo McDermid, project manager and business development co-ordinator at Aberdeen & Grampian Chamber of Commerce, said:

“We’ve partnered with Zero Waste Scotland to help businesses in the North East of Scotland to introduce circular economy practices into their operations. They can come to us for anything from learning about what the circular economy is to finding funding for projects such as feasibility studies or investment in infrastructure that can make the way they do things more sustainable.

“It’s great to have knowledgeable ambassadors on board from companies like Keenan who are leading Aberdeen’s green ambitions and are facilitating organisations across the North East to think more circular about their waste disposal.

“Our ambassadors act as our field agents, spreading the word about the benefits of reducing waste in business and the assistance that we can offer organisations, as well as helping to elevate public understanding of what the circular economy means in real terms.”