Home Skip Chicks January Skip Chick: High flying Shannan from Masters Skips is a creative work of art

January Skip Chick: High flying Shannan from Masters Skips is a creative work of art

January Skip Chick: High flying Shannan from Masters Skips is a creative work of art

SHE’S the crafty office dynamo who keeps her colleagues in check. Meet our Skip Chick, Shannan Wooders.

Welcome to 2020. Tell us a bit about yourself.
I’m Shannan Wooders, I’m 25 and I work at Masters Skips Ltd in Cornwall – I would class myself as ‘admin’; I’m an office dweller.

Ah, the person that makes sure everyone else is doing what they’re supposed to. Tell us more.
I’ve been here just over four years, and I do paperwork and customer service duties: invoices, statements, taking orders, dealing with customers, etc.

Sounds all go. What do you like about it?
The best part has got to be how close everyone is as a workforce. We’re only a small group but we’re a pretty tight lot; they’re like my second family.

Aw, sounds too good to be true – there must be some bits you don’t like?
The dust and the smell!

Kind of goes with the territory. As does weird stuff.
We once found a signed collectors’ set of old James Bond books. But the craziest thing has got to be when one of our drivers started to lift a full skip and the rubbish started moving. He stopped and a guy appeared inside yelling to let him out!

Never a dull moment. What about outside of work – what gets you moving?
I love art, drawing, painting, crafting, the lot. And movies; I can watch films all day every day. My all-time favourites are Gladiator, Jurassic Park, Four Brothers, The Goonies, the list goes on…

We’re quite partial to popcorn and a good film. Sounds like a date. Where would you choose for a romantic night out?
I’m boring and would be happy with a fancy meal out and heading home to watch a film on the sofa. My ideal date would obviously be my fiancé! (But if Charlie Hunnam was available…)

So fickle Shannon! Let’s give you superpowers, what would you like?
I would love to be able to fly. I mean think of the money I would save not having a car.

That’s a long way to fall if you run out of petrol though. Why not stun us with a fascinating fact about yourself.
Umm… I have never broken a single bone in my body. That is literally as fascinating as I get.

Perhaps you’re made of rubber…? What’s on your plane ticket?
I LOVE Thailand. It’s a beautiful country and the food is amazing! I have always wanted to go to Canada.

Let’s eat. What’s for dinner?
I like to think I can cook a pretty banging roast.

And if you could choose anyone, who would be your ideal guest?
My dad, because I miss him and he was the best dinner guest.

Wish we could make it happen. Instead, we’ll make you queen for the day – what law would you introduce?
I’d make all sanitary wear free to everyone and recycling to be mandatory.

Finally – make us laugh.
What do you call a lady who sets fire to her bills? Bernadette!

On that note, time for us to say ‘So long, Shannan’ and thanks for being our January Skip Chick!

Masters Skips Ltd, St Austell Bay Business Park, St Austel, Cornwall. www.mastersskipsltd.co.uk