Home Company News Bywaters goes paperless and reduces costs with new ERP system

Bywaters goes paperless and reduces costs with new ERP system

Bywaters goes paperless and reduces costs with new ERP system

LONDON-based recycling and waste management company Bywaters has streamlined its operations and become almost entirely paper-free after adopting a state-of-the-art software management system.

The new system, PurGo by VWS Software Solutions, manages all Bywaters waste collection and management processes end to end, and job information is uploaded remotely to PDAs that are carried by every driver.

Customers are very happy with the new system, which sends automatic job confirmations and Waste Transfer Notes via email. They also have access to in-depth information from the name of the driver and the type of vehicle to the time they arrived on site, and the amount of waste collected.

Bywaters now has live vehicle tracking and the automation of waste transfer tickets which would have previously been processed manually, which saves time and improves efficiency. Staff can manage their roles more effectively with easy to use reporting, planning, reviewing and search functions, and all the information available in one place.

Kelly Geraldo, Bywaters’ IT Applications Manager, said of the upgrade to PurGo: “This is some of the most state-of-the-art software available. We are very pleased with how it is working and it is enabling cost savings because we can work more efficiently and effectively – which is beneficial to ourselves and our customers.” 

A key benefit is the reduction, and near eradication of the need for traditional ‘paperwork’.

Added Kelly: “The system has already reduced our stationary costs. Now there is no paper waste, only emails, which is in keeping with Bywaters’ commitment to sustainability.”

PurGo integrates seamlessly with Bywaters other business systems including the bin-weighing systems that are fitted to 24 refuse collection vehicles. This means the company can provide customers with accurate data about their waste, and if necessary help them take steps to recycle more.

Craig Gregory from Bywaters said: “PurGo is proving to be a very robust, easy to use system. It integrates well with our bin weighing and other business systems, and we are using it to run our business very effectively.”

PurGo was designed and built from the ground up by a team of experienced waste industry professionals. Specific features of the software include sales, CRM, route planning and tracking, live status updates, live exception reporting and a driver-friendly mobile solution with SatNav, GPS tracking, issue management and signature capture. VWS Software Solutions operates alongside market leading weighing experts, Vehicle Weighing Solutions Ltd and Applied Weighing International.