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ISS launches new anti-roll away and driver ID solution

ISS launches new anti-roll away and driver ID solution

INNOVATIVE Safety Systems (ISS) is launching its latest vehicle safety innovation, IDClear, to prevent vehicles from rolling-away or being stolen when standing idle during operations.

Certain vehicles such as refuse vehicles need to remain in use when stationery, to enable the continued operation of bin-lifting mechanisms and other equipment. Without safety mechanisms in place these vehicles can be stolen or roll away.

IDClear incorporates both anti-roll away and driver ID solutions, with the ability to lock the park brake as the driver exits the cab. As a result, the vehicle is unable to roll away and is immobilised until an authorised driver has been identified using either RFID, a keypad or a covert actuator. A robust safety control unit includes innovative safety features and monitoring systems protect against external influences, internal component failure and sabotage.

The system has been custom-designed in the UK by ISS to ensure that only authorised, identified drivers are able to manoeuvre specified vehicles. ISS’ development partner, Amey, and other waste operators, have taken part in successful trials of the technology.

Jason Clement, supply chain manager for Amey Fleet Services, said: “We recognise the need to do more to protect the public from the dangers of vehicles either rolling away or being stolen, and we worked closely with ISS on the development of IDClear. In response, ISS have designed a product that addresses the problem in a robust, cost effective way, and ultimately saves lives.

“We are delighted with the finished product and confident it will become an integral piece of vehicle equipment for most fleet operators in the waste sector, and indeed other areas.”

IDClear includes a customisable, programmable audio warning system inside the cab, to relay warning messages to drivers as well as a secondary external speaker to alert vehicle operators and the public. An onboard data recorder logs over 50 different event types including critical CANBUS data from the vehicle for up to three years.

Another feature of IDClear is that this data can be received remotely by transport managers via ISS’ live CCTV, tracking and telemetry solutions.

Gavin Thoday, CEO of ISS, said: “We have incorporated extra safety checks into IDClear which make it much more advanced than other products in the market place. There is a built-in ‘black box recorder’ to gather data such as when RFID tags are presented or when the park brake was applied. This information can be interrogated in the event of an incident. Integrated speed and brake monitoring systems ensure IDClear is entirely fail-safe and cannot be used inadvertently.

“We are very grateful to Amey, and our other development partners, for their help in putting IDClear through the most rigorous testing. Analysis of the trial data showed exactly how much the system was being used and quickly confirmed the imperative to install it to vehicles.

“IDClear can be fitted to multiple vehicle marques and integrates with all our other systems. This means operators can adopt one system and one common reporting platform for all their vehicle safety equipment, which improves both the safety and efficiency of their operations.”

ISS designs, supplies and maintains a wide range of vehicle safety technology, much of which is manufactured here in the UK. ISS products include Cyclear™ (cyclist safety warning device), Reaclear (HGV reversing safety device), RXLite (live camera system), RX3 Hard Disk Recording camera systems, the LANLink remote footage download, reverse radar, Auto-stop radar and vehicle-tracking systems.