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Rubble Master champion recycling in Cancún

Rubble Master champion recycling in Cancún

COMPACT crushing giant Rubble Master is helping to pioneer on-site crushing and recycling in Latin America.

There, the concept of recycling is not yet as firmly established in the construction industry as it is in Europe. So far the main applications for crushers there have been for crushing natural rock.

Happily, demand is gradually increasing for environmentally friendly and innovative solutions for recycling C&D waste and other materials, such as household and industrial waste.

One of the Latin American recycling pioneers is the city of Cancún. C&D waste is currently being processed by an RM 100GO! there. Ultimately, the city is setting a milestone in environmental awareness and sustainability in the Mexican construction industry. In perhaps the most beautiful city on the Yucatán peninsula, this is a pioneering project implemented jointly by Rubble Master and the city administration.

Instead of transporting concrete, C&D waste and asphalt away from construction sites and disposing of them in landfills, the RM 100GO! recycling system transforms them into valuable final materials that can be reused. These are then used directly on site for fillings and the substructure of roads.

“The people at the city administration in Cancún are impressed by the throughput capacity and functionality of the RM 100GO! crusher and see it as a unique opportunity to draw attention to the advantages of recycling C&D waste,” explained Rubble Master founder and CEO Gerald Hanisch. “It makes us very proud to be part of this unique project and we hope to make a significant contribution to the development of C&D waste recycling in Mexico and throughout Latin America.”

The project is supported by the local RM sales partner Euro Representaciones S.A. de C.V. who have an excellent service structure throughout Mexico.

Decades of experience in the recycling industry and the sound reputation of Rubble Master and Euro Representaciones on the market played a major role in choosing an RM crusher for this pioneering project.

“The Rubble Master benefits, such as compactness, mobility and the rapid set-up time of the machine, make it much easier to use and enable flexible recycling of the material. Because the crusher is usually used to process C&D waste in the city centre or in residential areas, low noise, dust suppression and low CO2 emissions are basic requirements for sustainable operation,” said Ricardo Archundia, Secretario, Municipal de obras y servicios publico in Cancún.