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November’s Skip Chick: Cash-flashing Laura is full of cheer

November’s Skip Chick: Cash-flashing Laura is full of cheer

GET ready to shake your pom poms for our cheerleader Skip Chick, Laura Barlow.

Hi Laura! Tell us a bit about yourself.
I’m 29, I work at AE Burgess and Sons Ltd as sales support administrator.

And how does a typical day go?
I have worked here for three years. My role is very varied and fast-paced. I work within the trade waste department; my main role is to deal with any potential new customers, from quoting to the application stage and then finally setting them up with their services and the delivery of bins.

I also deal with general queries from our large customer base, which can vary from collection days to credit queries.

Sounds pretty busy! What do you like about the job?
I like that there is never one day the same when you work with waste. You never know what will happen when you walk through the door in the morning.

Keeps you on your toes. Anything you don’t enjoy?
There is nothing that I would change about the job. I love what I do.

Glad to hear you’re happy at work. What about when it’s time for home; what to do like to do?
I have a five-year-old daughter, so a lot of my time is spent keeping her occupied when I am not at work. I am also a cheerleader for the Leicester Riders Basketball Team. We perform a half-time routine at all of their home games. I also coach a team of five- to seven-year-olds for Dynamite Cheerleaders based in Syston, Leicestershire.

Wow, you’re a very busy lady. We’re doing high kicks in your honour. Ever done anything a bit bonkers?
I’m too much of a chicken to do anything too crazy. I did indoor skydiving when I was a college but that’s about as crazy as it gets!

A date night sounds a good idea – what makes the perfect romantic date?
I love a meal in a nice romantic restaurant, and a nice bottle of champagne.

Fancy having a superpower? Which one would you like?
I would be invisible, sneak up on people and listen to their conversations. I could get up to a lot of mischief.

Naughty Laura! How about a song – what would be your theme tune?
I Just Got Paid by Ella Eyre. That really is me; get paid one day and it’s gone the next!

Which three little words sum you up?
Bubbly, fun and caring.

How does a nice holiday sound? Where to?
My favourite holiday destination is Cyprus. I’ve been a couple of times now and always had a lovely time. My dream destination is Mexico, I have always wanted to go there.

Imagine you ruled the world – what’s the first law you’d introduce?
A three-day weekend. The weekends always fly by so an extra day off would be amazing.

The only thing better would be to win the Lottery. How would you spend your millions?
Me and my boyfriend talk about this all the time. We have three things we would do straight away – buy a house, buy a car each and book to go Disneyworld Florida for the whole family.

Don’t forget to go back to work afterwards! Finally, we’d love to hear your best joke.
Why did the mushroom go to the party…? Because he was a fungi.

Right Laura, get ready to shake those pom poms and get back to work.
Thanks for being a super Skip Chick!

AE Burgess and Sons Ltd, Ulverscroft Rd, Leicester, www.aeburgess.com