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October’s Skip Hunk: He heads a business empire, but JB Pearce & Sons’ Michael is a natural born rebel

October’s Skip Hunk: He heads a business empire, but JB Pearce & Sons’ Michael is a natural born rebel

HE’S the silver fox boss who’s a mix between Batman and Donald Trump. Lock up the wife’s best mate, Skip Hunk Michael Pearce is on the prowl.

Hi Michael. Fill us in with the basics.
I’m Michael Pearce, I’m 58 and I am co-owner of JB Pearce & Sons, Bristol’s largest scrap yard.

We’re very impressed. Any nicknames?
Some people call me ‘The Donald Trump of Dundry’.

Well we’re here to help you make Dundry great again. But first, tell us how long you’ve been in the game?
We are a family-run business which I’ve been a part of ever since I was a little boy helping out on the farm with my five brothers. I now run JB Pearce along with them. It’s now a multi-faceted business which includes our scrap yard, farming, Westfield Lodge accommodation, vehicle storage, aggregate supplies and more!

Well it’s a real empire you have there. ‘The Donald’ would be proud. What is the best bit about your job?
Working with my family.

At least you’re unlikely to forget anyone’s name. And what bits could you live without?
Rules and regulations.

Oooh, a rebel! Anyway, work aside, what’s happening in your spare time?
I don’t get a lot of free time but when I do, I watch my son play rugby, help my daughter work on her F2 race car and take her to race days or watch my two grandchildren play football.

Sounds like you get back to work for a rest. Talking of time out, what’s your idea of a romantic night out – and who would be your ideal date?
I would take my wife’s best mate bowling.

Apart from being able to run very fast away from your wife when she reads this, what superhero powers would you like to have?
I already refer to myself as Batman.

Bet we can guess what your theme tune might be.
Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na Batman!

Thought so. Now, sum yourself up in three words.
Unique, determined, honest.

We can’t imagine you’ve ever had any fashion disasters… or have you?
When my children were young, I used to love wearing my Rupert The Bear trousers. I loved the role of ‘embarrassing dad’.

Isn’t there a law somewhere that says all children must be regularly embarrassed by their parents? Dinner’s up – what’s on the table?

Wild mushrooms picked from our field.
Chuck in a steak and we’ll be right over. Ever met anyone famous?

Stuart Pearce. I went to a gig recently and they mistook me for him on the guest list due to the surname. He wasn’t too pleased when he turned up.

Doesn’t he know you’re the Donald Trump of Dundry, for goodness sakes? Never mind him, your numbers are up! What are you doing with your big Lottery win?

If I won millions, I would buy myself a new pair of shoes.

Well, before you rush off to the shoe shop, all that remains is for us to say a huge thank you for making us smile and being our Skip Hunk of the month.

JB Pearce deals with scrap, recovery, skips and clearance jobs, and is based at Downs Road, Dundry, Bristol. Find out more about the business at www.jbpearce.co.uk

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