Home Skip Chicks October’s Skip Chick: Social media savvy Abbie is always ready for some chick chat

October’s Skip Chick: Social media savvy Abbie is always ready for some chick chat

October’s Skip Chick: Social media savvy Abbie is always ready for some chick chat

THIS month’s Skip Chick definitely has the gift of the gab. Meet feisty chatterbox Abbie Hunter.

Hey Abbie. Tell us a bit about yourself.
I’m 31 but I don’t feel a day over 50, and I work at M60 Skip Hire in Bury as a business development manager.

Some of us can’t even remember being 31, it was so long ago. Tell us more about what you do.
I’ve worked here since April Fool’s Day (some might say that’s fitting) and I’m constantly on the go. I write all our social media posts which mainly consist of fitting the word “skip” into pop songs and I tinker with websites. But the bulk of my job is finding people not yet blessed by M60 Skip Hire and introducing them to the majesty that is waste management!

Sounds like you’re busy. What’s the best bit about your job?
The best part is the people – I can talk to anyone about anything and… well… I do exactly that! Colleagues, customers, even wrong numbers sometimes.

Got to seize every opportunity that comes along, right? Any bits of the job could you live without?
I could do without the dust. Although the local car valets are thrilled with all the new business I’m giving them!

Where there’s muck there’s brass right enough. Where will we find you outside of work?
I spend the majority of my time playing Xbox. I’m also a hobbyist pyrographer, a terrible gardener and an occasional bone collector.

Not sure we should ask where the bones come from. Apart from burning wood to make pictures (we looked up pyrographer), what’s your idea of a romantic night out?
I’m not the most romantically inclined, but the best date I can think of would be to spend a few hours and a few (hundred) quid in an arcade, eating dirty burgers and maybe finishing up with the world’s worst game of pool. Though if Michael Fassbender rang and asked me to go for a candlelit meal with him, I’d struggle to say no!

You need a break – where would you love to go on holiday?
I’d really like to go to Mexico, especially around Day of the Dead or Cinco De Mayo. They know how to have a good time!

Let’s eat. What’s your speciality dish?
I make a mean Turkey Dinos and beans.

Chuck in chunky chips and we’ll be right over. Talking of dinner, alive or dead, who would you love to invite to dinner and why?
Oh, definitely somebody alive!

That certainly would help to keep the conversation flowing. Have you ever met anyone famous?
No, but Cheggers used to follow me on Twitter! #ripcheggs

Good old Cheggers, he’s forever in our hearts. Here’s a thought: you’ve won the National Lottery – what would you buy?
M60 Skip Hire, just to wind up my boss.

We hope he has a good sense of humour. Talking of which, hit us with your best joke.
Nobody ever believes me when I tell them I accidentally glued my hand to a copy of my own autobiography. Anyway, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

It’s a cracker, and you’ve been a cracking Skip Chick. Now enough of this chit-chat and back to work – you’ve got more talking to do!

M60 Skip Hire covers Bury, Manchester and Greater Manchester. Find them at www.m60skiphire.co.uk