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Hamilton is running waste right out of town

Hamilton is running waste right out of town

A COMBINED total of 6,000 runners took to the roads of East Lothian in the annual Scottish Half Marathon and 10k – and following closely behind was a team of Hamilton Waste & Recycling operatives to clear up any mess left behind.

Whilst many runners doubtless surpassed their own personal bests, Hamilton nailed its target of 100% diversion from landfill.

Hamilton was able to draw on its experience of sponsoring June’s Edinburgh Marathon Festival to deliver an outstanding waste and recycling operation at the event. Participants seemed to respond particularly well to the friendly but firm push to take responsibility for their own waste: one plastic water bottle bin was strategically positioned at every mile marker with further containers placed at each hydration station.

Out of a total 3.77 tonnes of waste generated at the event, a staggering 84.6% was recycled and turned into products and 15.4% was recovered for SRF (Solid Recovered Fuels used to offset fossil fuels). Even the residual water from the plastic bottles was collected and decanted into Hamilton’s water capture tanks and used on site for dust suppression whilst excess clothing shed at the start line was collected and taken away for charitable use.

These impressive results demonstrate Hamilton’s firm commitment to its wider healthy planet strategy and lend support to their bid to be the greenest waste company in town.