Home Skip Hunks September’s Skip Hunk: Rugged outdoorsman Craig is a real mech wizard

September’s Skip Hunk: Rugged outdoorsman Craig is a real mech wizard

September’s Skip Hunk: Rugged outdoorsman Craig is a real mech wizard

HE’S a busy trucker who just loves to camp it up. Here’s our mechanical guru Skip Hunk of the month, Craig Holmes.

Well hello Craig! Tell us a bit about yourself.
I’m 49 and I work at LTR (Let’s Talk Recycling Ltd). I am a shareholder and a truck driver.

Go you! Tell us some more…
I have worked at LTR since the company started in February 2019. My role is to deliver and collect the skips as well as tip the waste at the designated transfer station.

Anything you really like about the job?
The best bit is that I get to do what I love and drive. For every skip I deliver, I know that the Nottingham Neonatal unit benefits from a £5 donation from LTR.

You’re a kind-hearted bunch. But there must be some bits about work that you don’t like.
The rain.

You just have to stay inside your truck then! Where will we find you in your spare time?
My family and I love to camp in our caravans at every opportunity we can.

What a bunch of happy campers you must make! But right now, romance is in the air; what would be your ideal romantic night out?
My girlfriend and me on a summer’s night, camping by a lake with a big log fire and soft music, just the two of us.

Aw, you old romantic you. Let’s give you superpowers – what would you like?
My superhero name would be ‘Mr Driver Instructor’ and whenever I see bad driving I’d go ‘Bam!’ and their driving skills would have improved.

Our caped crusader of the highways! Radio’s on; what makes a great theme tune?
The Mechanic Song, written by Dan Norris.

And what’s your hidden talent?
I seem to have the ability to find fault and repair most mechanical products, even though I have never been trained on them.

We’re impressed! Tell us three little words that really sum you up.
The dynamic dynamo.
Let’s take a break… where are you off to?
America – I love the open spaces.

We’re feeling peckish. Why not rustle up your speciality dish?
I don’t cook, I don’t have time.

Any point in us asking who you’d like to invite to dinner then?
Naomi Watts, because she will have to cook.

We’ll get her to bring her pots and pans. Hey, we’ve just decided you’d make a great ruler. What new law will you introduce?
I would increase the number of bank holidays.

Yes please! Got a great celebrity tale to share?
Unfortunately no, I have never met any celebrity.

They don’t know what they’re missing. Have a winning lottery ticket on us – what are you going to buy?
I would move to America and buy a big house with a pool.

We’re coming with you, of course. Finally, hit us with your best joke.
Doctor: “Have you been sleeping with the window open, like I told you?”
Patient: “Yes, just like you said, Doc.”
Doctor: “And is the bronchitis gone now?”
Patient: “Not yet, so far the only things gone are my laptop and mobile phone.”

We’re in stitches here! Now we’re sure there’s a machine somewhere that needs you to fix it, so off you pop and thanks for being a tremendous Skip Hunk!

LTR Waste (Let’s Talk Recycling Ltd) is based in Derbyshire. Find out more at www.ltrwaste.co.uk