Home Skip Chicks September’s Skip Chick: High-flying Nushra has a real taste for adventure

September’s Skip Chick: High-flying Nushra has a real taste for adventure

September’s Skip Chick: High-flying Nushra has a real taste for adventure

SHE’S a multi-lingual chatterbox with her eye on a giant of the ring and a long weekend in Mexico. Say hello – or ‘ciao’, ‘hola’ or ‘bonjour’ – to Nushra Clapson.

Hi Nushra, tell us a bit about yourself.
I’m 29 years old and I’m a booking co-ordinator at Junkwize, where I’ve been for four months. My job is to speak to customers and book in jobs as requested.

Is it a thumbs up kind of job, or a great big thumbs down?
I like speaking to the customers and my work colleagues are pretty awesome too.

Sounds good, but there must be something you don’t love.
It’s too early to know yet. It is all happy and good for the moment.

We’ll check back on that one in a few months’ time! Where will we find you when you’re not at work?
With my son or at the swimming pool.

We love a nice dip in the pool too, particularly if it happens to be in Tenerife. Ever done anything a little bit crazy?
Scuba diving is the craziest thing I have done so far.

Too deep for us, we need to be able to see our poolside cocktails. Romance is calling – who’s your ideal date?
Anthony Joshua and a helicopter ride – because he is awesome!!!!

Just don’t mention Andy Ruiz Jnr… Might be handy to have a super power up your sleeve – which one?
To fly, so I could just fly myself to different countries.

Good idea, just in case that helicopter date does go slightly wrong. Let’s have a song – which top tune sums you up?
Old Town Road – it doesn’t exactly sum me up but I would still like it to be my theme song.

Now fascinate us – tell us something amazing about yourself!
I can speak and read five languages.

Wow, we struggle with one to be honest. Sum yourself up in three little words.
Loud, bubbly, friendly.

A bit like ourselves. Now let’s get out of here, where would you like to go?

Our bags are packed. But first, let’s eat. What’s your speciality dish?
Special fried noodles.

Sounds delish. Apart from us of course, who would you love to invite to dinner?
Mulan because she’s my favourite Disney princess.

Doubt she’ll eat much, but that means more for us. Let’s imagine you ruled the world, what law would you introduce?
I would make Monday part of the weekend.

Stretch the weekend until Tuesday and we’re in. Ever met a celebrity?
Yes – not a very proud moment; it was JLS!

We wouldn’t mind their money… Say you had a few millions from the Lottery; what’s on your shopping list?
I’d invest in properties and make more money.

Smart cookie. We’d blow it on whisky and rock’n’roll but each to their own. Anyway, all that remains for us to say is thank you for being our Skip Chick!

Junkwize is a specialist rubbish removal and collection company handling small-scale and large-scale rubbish clearance jobs for residents and businesses in London. Find out more at www.junkwize.com