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CPD raises the bar with the Hydrofilt Hookloader

CP Davidson's Hydrolift Hookloader

THE months just keep on ticking by, and Robert Davidson, Operation Director at Chorley-based firm C.P. Davidson & Sons Ltd (CPD) remains as convinced as ever that supplying the Hydrolift Hookloader was absolutely the right move.

The kit was featured back in the February edition of Skip Hire & Waste Magazine (issue #157), and since that time it has continued to impress its manufacturers and users alike.

“The feedback we get from customers is always extremely positive,” explained Robert. “Everyone is extremely pleased with what the hookloader can do – and it’s not just verbal feedback either. We do demo evaluation forms with every customer who takes a demonstration, and we never score anything less than 80% on anything.

“Also, to this day we’ve not had a single breakdown with this, which speaks volumes.”

Long-term performance is to be expected when a company places as much emphasis on aftersales as CPD does. “Build quality and aftersales backup are absolutely our two big points of focus,” continued Robert.

“To be perfectly honest, hookloaders are pretty simple bits of kit, so it’s what you get after the purchase order that’s important. We keep 100% of parts stock on shelf and we are incredibly interested in how a customer maintains the equipment. To help them with this, we have a specifically designed service card to explain how to maintain the equipment, and what should be done to keep it looking a fresh as possible for as long as possible.”

Having cut its teeth with more complicated equipment such as the RCV, CPD had the industry experience and time to turn the simpler Hydraulic Hookloader into a first-class piece of kit.

“We’ve built it as simple and user-friendly as possible. And we are highly detail-oriented. My experience with hookloaders is that over the years, pipes rub, cables get trapped or even rot because they’ve not got the correct quality of plug on. These are the things we’ve completely engineered out.”

All of this means that even inexperienced drivers can operate the hookloader with confidence, as Mark Court, Business Development Manager, explained: “The operation of it is really simple. Everything is clearly labelled, and the hydraulic arm is controlled by an easy-to-use joystick. It couldn’t be simpler to operate, even for first-time users, which really is really a huge selling point.

“Other key features include the predrilled frame arrangement which makes it far easier to fix to any chassis. We’ve done this on chassis from 26 tonnes up to 32 tonnes, in a range of dimensions.

“Also, the framework itself is particularly low, which gives it a low centre of gravity. One particular customer uses us because specifically because of the low frame as they have some 50-yard containers which they obviously don’t want to go over height.”

CPD prides itself on going above and beyond the call of duty to meet the requirement of its customers. Contact the municipal vehicle specialists at CDP today to learn more about the Hydraulic Hookloader.