Home Skip Chicks July’s Skip Chick: Romantic glamour girl Sally proves she has a heart of gold

July’s Skip Chick: Romantic glamour girl Sally proves she has a heart of gold

July’s Skip Chick: Romantic glamour girl Sally proves she has a heart of gold

SHE’S all heart but with a slightly spooky side. Here’s this month’s Skip Chick, Sally Ann Smith from LTR Waste!

Hello Sally Ann! Tell us a bit about yourself.
I’m 53-years-old and I work at LTR (Let’s Talk Recycling Ltd). I’m the sales rep and stand-in office staff.

Give us the lowdown on what you do there.
I have worked at LTR since the company started in February 2019. My role is to contact new customers with a view to obtaining long term working relationships with them.

Sounds like you’ll be a very busy lady. What do you like about it?
I meet new and great people every day. It was my idea to donate £5 for every skip hired to the Nottingham Neonatal Unit, helping all the new additions to our world.

What a brilliant thing to do, you should be proud of yourself! What’s the weirdest thing that’s happened at work?
I once brought a sandwich from the cob van. It looked yummy so I unwrapped it and took a big bite only to pull out a blue food hygiene glove in my teeth.

Ugh. Hope they didn’t charge you extra for it! Apart from chewing on plastic gloves, how else do you keep yourself busy?
I have five children and eight grandchildren so they keep me busy in my spare time.

Yikes! That’s an awful lot of names to remember. Apart from having all those children, ever done anything crazy?
I have done a number of crazy things in my life, the most recent was a super car track day that my husband got for me for my birthday.

Fast and furious has nothing on you! Let’s get romantic – who’s your date and where are you off to?
I would much rather be wined and dined at home by my husband. He is a fantastic cook and I can think of nothing better than a good meal followed by a glass of wine and a cuddle on the sofa.

If only you one of you had superpowers to do the dishes and it would be perfect. Speaking of which, what power would you love to have?
My superhero powers would be the ability to heal so I can take away the suffering from the sick.

That would indeed be a super power to have. Now tell us a fascinating fact about yourself.
I used to play with a little girl ghost when I was only five. True story.

Now that’s spooky. Just say you could be queen for a day – what law would you introduce?
More police service on the streets to reduce crime.

We’d vote for you! Who’s the most famous person you’ve ever met?
Steve Davis, the snooker player. I also had dinner with him.

Interesting, we think… Now let’s have a laugh.
Teacher: “Who do you think invented dancing, children?”
Little Johnny: “My guess is a big Irish family with just one bathroom.”

It’s a cracker! Now all that remains for us to say is a huge thank you for being such a fabulous Skip Chick.

LTR Waste (Let’s Talk Recycling Ltd) is based in Derbyshire and has worked with WFP Fabrications in New Stanton to develop ‘baby skips’, specially designed to enable easy access, with a rear door and low sides.
Find out more at: www.ltrwaste.co.uk