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May’s Skip Chick: Double-jointed Emma owns Instagram’s prettiest pooch

May’s Skip Chick: Double-jointed Emma owns Instagram’s prettiest pooch

SHE’S the ‘go to gal’ with expensive tastes and a dog with Kim Kardashian ambitions. Be nice to our Skip Chick Emma Bostock, or she’ll give you the elbow.

Hey Emma, tell us a bit about yourself.
I’m Emma Louise Bostock, and I’m 19.

And which fine establishment has the honour of paying your wages?
Nevis Resources Ltd in County Durham. I’m Senior Logistics Co-ordinator. I’ve been there two years and seven days.

Not that you’re counting the days, of course. What does your day involve?
I am responsible for organising collections and deliveries, sorting necessary paperwork for the movement of waste. I am the ‘go-to gal’ for sorting issues.

We suspect you’re in very high demand. What do you get up to in your spare time?
One hobby would be walking my dog, Hugo. He is a pug-zu (cross between a pug and shih tzu). I love to dress him up and post photos on his Instagram account (follow him at hugo.the.pugzu).

He could be the Kim Kardashian of the canine world – only needs another 133m followers. Romance is in the air, what’s your ideal date night?
A helicopter ride to Monte Carlo for a nice meal and drinks on a yacht. And it would definitely have to be with Ant Middleton from SAS.

Not that you’d need one with Ant from SAS around, but what superhero power would you love to have?
I’d want to be invisible so I could spy/listen in on people’s conversations.

Sneaky Emma! Now amaze us with a fascinating fact about yourself.
I have a double-jointed elbow so I can turn my hand 360 degrees. Try it yourself, stand up and place your hand flat on a desk, turn your hand outwards but keep it flat on the table. If it can go all the way round you are double-jointed.

Thanks – we now know we’re not double-jointed. While we recover, what three words sum you up?
Some might say I’m funny, expensive and quirky.

Well get your funny, expensive, quirky self on holiday. If you were queen, what law would you introduce?
I would have three-day weekends; two days just isn’t long enough.

Hail Queen Emma – we’re all for less work more play. Ever met a celebrity?
The closest thing would be when I went to Edinburgh to see The Rolling Stones. We came out of the train station and happened to see The Rolling Stones walking out of their hotel.

Great news – you’ve won the Lottery! After sharing your winnings with us, what would you buy?
Where do I start? Probably buy an island and build on it. I’d definitely have a Rolls Royce. I’d also buy a private jet so my boyfriend can learn to fly and take me all over the world.

Better be a big win for all of that! Finally, hit us with your best joke.
Why is a koala not classed as a bear? It has no koalafications!

It’s the way you tell ‘em, Emma! Time for us to say goodbye – but first, a huge thank you for being a cracking Skip Chick!

Nevis Resources Ltd, based at South Church Enterprise Park, Bishop Auckland, County Durham, specialises in the purchase and sale of recyclable plastics. Visit www.nevis-resources.co.uk to find out more.