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Jewel in Bristol’s recycling crown opens for business

ETM's new Bristol plant

A NEW, state-of-the-art Materials Recovering Facility (MRF) is now open in Bristol – and it’s set to be the jewel in Bristol’s recycling crown.

Fast-growing Bristol company ETM Recycling invested £4m in the impressive new Turmec facility, which is now the most efficient and effective plant in the South West processing construction and commercial waste.

A proud Amy McCormack, Director of ETM Recycling, said: “It seems like a long time ago when we put the wheels in motion for this, but since the build began at the start of the year it really gathered pace. To finally have it open and operational has been well worth the wait.”

The facility will double the amount of waste ETM have previously been able to handle and process at its Ashton Vale site to 150,000 tonnes and will process 80 tonnes per hour, an output that up until now ETM could only achieve in 24 hours.

It also means ETM will have a zero waste to landfill plant, putting them at the forefront of the recycling industry.

“Landfills are closing in the area while waste is travelling further for residual disposal, and we want to avoid sending our waste to landfill at all costs,” explained Amy.

“Our old plant was at full capacity and was not efficiently processing and diverting enough waste from landfill.

“No one had the material and process knowledge of Turmec, and we didn’t believe any other plant could provide us with such excellent landfill diversion whilst still being efficient.”

Not only will the increased efficiency push ETM Recycling to future growth, but it will also benefit the city of Bristol too, allowing more of the city’s community and businesses to dispose of their waste.

Brian Thornton, CEO of Turmec, commented: “The configuration and layout is the most innovative that can be found anywhere in the South West of the UK.

“This is an amazing investment from a family business which shows nothing but commitment to their employees, their company, their clients and to Bristol.

“It cements their position as one of the largest and most dynamic waste processors in the south west and this is a landmark process that Bristol will benefit from.”