Home Skip Hunks April’s Skip Hunk: Superhunk Matthew is a jet skiing sensation

April’s Skip Hunk: Superhunk Matthew is a jet skiing sensation

April’s Skip Hunk: Superhunk Matthew is a jet skiing sensation

HE’S the Superman skip driver who bared all on a jet ski and can stick his toe in his ear – hopefully not both at the same time. This month’s Skip Hunk is superhero, Matthew Hales.

Hi Matthew, thanks for being our Skip Hunk. Tell us a bit about yourself.
I’m 31-years-old and I work as a skip driver for R. Collard Ltd based in Reading. I’ve been there for four years.

What do you enjoy most about your job?
The best part would be having a laugh with my colleagues.

And what really grinds your gears?
Overloaded skips for sure!

Our readers love them! What’s been the weirdest thing to happen to you at work?
Funnily enough, being asked to feature as Skip Hunk of the Month for Skip Hire & Waste Magazine!

Oh, we can be much weirder than that! On to outside of work – what do you get up to?
Definitely being a fun uncle to two crazy kids.

Hope you’re setting a good example to them. We wouldn’t want to think you’ve ever done anything too outrageous…
I once rode a jet ski naked as a bet with my friends.

You’re either the greatest uncle ever or completely nuts (maybe both who knows)! Now then, romance is in the air – where are you off to and who with?
Going somewhere for good food. My ideal date would be Megan Fox – it’s pretty obvious why!

Her sparkling conversation perhaps? Anyway, we notice you’ve already got the Superman T-shirt – so what superhero power would you love to have?
To fly. Then I could get to places quicker.

We’ll get you a cape. Any fascinating facts about yourself you’d like to hare?
I can get my leg behind my head.

Handy if you want to scratch your ears with your toes. Holidays are coming – what’s your top destination?
Spain is my favourite. But I’d love to go to America if I could stomach the flight!

Talking of stomach… get into that kitchen and rustle up some food! What’s cooking?
I’ve been known to knock up a mean lasagne.

And we can knock back a good lasagne. Other than us, if you could invite anyone to dinner, who would be your guest?
Without a doubt both of my parents, as I miss them a lot.

Aww, we really wish we could make that happen for you, mate. Just imagine you could introduce a new law, what would it be?
I would introduce a four-day working week, five days is definitely too long!

We find one day is too long, to be honest. Ever met a celebrity?
Rob Collard, British Touring Car Championship racer – I have bumped into him a few times at work.

Hopefully not while driving your skip truck. Finally, hit us with your best joke.
What do you call a Mexican who has lost his car? Carlos!

And on that note, it’s time for us to say ‘adios amigo’ and let you get back to saving the world from supervillains from behind the wheel of your truck. Thanks for being a really super Skip Hunk.

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