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Three Stainless Steel Magnetic Separators sold in January 2019

Bunting Master Magnets at RWM17

THE success of 2018 flowed into January 2019 with three orders for SSSC model Stainless Steel Magnetic Separators.  All three orders are for different customers with specific metal separation objectives.

The Stainless Steel Magnetic Separator has an extremely high-powered magnetic head pulley to separate work hardened stainless steel.

A standard Magnetic Separator removes strongly magnetic materials from the feed prior to passing over the SSSC – additionally, an Eddy Current Separator also removes all non-ferrous metals.

Head of Sales, Dave Hills said: “This is a fantastic way to start 2019. Interest in the Stainless Steel Magnetic Separator has never been higher.

“We are continually undertaking tests for customers, which will undoubtedly develop into orders as we progress through the year.”

A new mezzanine test area at Master Magnets

The Stainless Steel Magnetic Separator

A vibratory feeder feeds the remaining fraction onto the conveyor belt of the Stainless Steel Magnetic Separator. As the material enters the strong magnetic field, weakly magnetic metals such as fragmented and work-hardened stainless steel, and even printed circuit boards are attracted and separated.

Applications for the Ordered Stainless Steel Magnetic Separators

All three Stainless Steel Magnetic Separators have a 900mm wide magnetic field.  The three projects are:

Project A – Shredded PVC Window Frames

The customer had previously purchased Bunting Drawer Filter Magnets to remove ferrous metal from the shredded PVC. Following onsite discussions, tests took place at the Master Magnets testing facility. The initial tests demonstrated 100% removal of the stainless steel including the door mechanisms and hinges.  The customer visited Master Magnets to witness a larger scale test.  These confirmed the separation performance of the original test and the client confirmed the order.

Project B – Car Frag

Initial discussions with the client took place at the IFAT exhibition in 2018.  The customer has a very specific fraction of metal scrap originating from car frag containing valuable stainless steel.  Tests took place at the Master Magnets testing facility.  These met the separation objectives of the customer, who then confirmed the order for their first unit.

Project C – WEEE and other metal scrap

The Israel-based recycling company first met Bunting at the recent IERC Conference in Austria.

After listening to the ‘Magnetic Separation of Stainless Steels’ presentation by Don Suderman, Bunting Magnetics’ Material Handling Product Manager, they met the Bunting team on their stand.  The customer confirmed the order shortly after the end of the congress.

Ongoing Projects

“As well as these orders, we are working with recycling companies based across Europe on specific projects.

“We are conducting many tests every week, with an increasing number of samples.  It is a busy and exciting time for our technicians.”

(L-R) SHWM Sales Executive, Scott Golland; Master Magnets Marketing Manager, Jonathan Millington; Master Magnets Heads of Sales, David Hills; and SHWM Editor Richard Hollis.

Bunting Magnetics is one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of magnetic separators and metal detectors for the recycling, quarrying and mining industries.

Their wide range of metal separation and detection equipment is manufactured at their Master Magnets facility in Redditch, just outside Birmingham, UK.