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Mountain’s skip driver Joshua loves life in the fast lane

Mountain’s skip driver Joshua loves life in the fast lane

HE’S a speed freak who loves to hit the open road – when he’s not cracking bottles open with his teeth. Get your motor running for this month’s Skip Hunk, Joshua Dixon.

Hey Joshua! Let’s hear a little bit about you.
I’m 21 and I’m a skip driver at Mountains. I started there two years ago – I was their first apprentice – and I’ve been there ever since.

How does your day go?
I deliver, collect and exchange skips at houses, industrial estates and building sites.

Sounds busy. What do you like about the job?
I enjoy most of it really. The lads I work with are great and some have become mates. The customers are usually a good crack as well.

Anything about the job that you could live without?
I could quite happily live without the 6am starts, but it comes with the job.

Too early for us – we like our sleep! What’s the weirdest thing that’s happened at work?
You see a lot of weird things driving around Lincolnshire! The worst thing for me was getting stuck and having to be rescued during the bad weather.

Guessing after all that driving all week, you’ll look forward to a quiet weekend. Any hobbies?
I have a modified car, so I enjoy car meets and meeting the other lads with the same interests as me.

Well you really do like being behind the wheel! Ever done anything a little bit crazy?
I once bungee jumped from 175ft for an autism charity. It was great.

What superhero power would you choose to have?
I would have the power of flight. It would be great to travel wherever you want without the cost of a plane ticket.

Not sure where you’d put your luggage, but sounds fun. What’s your top tune?
One of my favourites (which can sum up a lot of struggles) is Eminem’s Not Afraid.

Tell us a fact about you that will impress us.
I can open bottles of beer with my teeth.

Can’t wait for the holidays to come around – where’s your favourite spot?
So far, Corfu. I went with a good group of friends and had a brilliant time. I’d love to go to America and see some of the amazing sights.

Get your superhero powers and you’ll be on your way! Before you go, rustle up dinner.
One of the only things I can cook is chicken korma. I’ve not had a complaint yet.

Yet… Speaking of dinner, who would you love to invite over?
If I could invite anyone it would be actor Paul Walker. He seemed like a great guy who was into his cars even more than me.

Your Lotto numbers have come up – what are you buying first?
Some of my favourite cars and a house with a giant garage to fit them all in. And I’d book a seriously overdue holiday somewhere hot.

Finally, make us laugh.
What did the policeman say to his belly button? You’re under a vest.

All that remains for us to say is stay safe on those roads and thanks for being a super Skip Hunk!

Mountain Skip Hire & Recycling, Summit House, Quarrington, Sleaford. www.mountainskiphire.co.uk

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