Home Skip Hunks February’s Skip Hunk: Dunmow Waste’s David Beckham doppelganger, Nick always keeps a cool head

February’s Skip Hunk: Dunmow Waste’s David Beckham doppelganger, Nick always keeps a cool head

February’s Skip Hunk: Dunmow Waste’s David Beckham doppelganger, Nick always keeps a cool head

HE has David Beckham’s looks (apparently), tiger-charming skills and can do strange things with his feet. Chances are you’ll find this month’s Skip Hunk, Nick Bickerstaff, down the pub.

Hey Nick! Tell us about yourself!
I’m 23 years old and I work at Dunmow Waste Management based in Chelmsford as a sales adviser.

How long have your colleagues had the joy of working with you?
I’ve worked here for eight months now. As an account manager, I deal with the day-to-day waste management requirements of our clients across the Essex region.

What is the best bit about your job?
My brother works with me in the sales team and, luckily, we rarely argue! It makes for a great social environment when we all go to the pub after work to unwind.

Roll on finishing time! Any funny moments to share?
A lady came up to me in a restaurant where I used to work and told me I looked like her son. I asked who her son was, and she said: “David Beckham!”

Now you mention it, just add the tattoos and you’d be twins! What about after work? What are you up to?
As I’m only 23, the pub is my second home! To balance things out I go to the gym a fair bit too as well as ‘Muay Thai’ training.

Pub and gym sounds like a perfect balance. Craziest thing you’ve ever done?
When I visited Thailand last year, I went to Tiger Kingdom in Chiang Mai and got to interact with the tigers in their enclosure! It was a little scary as they were quite active and running around a lot.

Sounds amazing, but we like to return from holiday with all limbs intact. Romance is in the air… where to and who with?
My ideal date would be with Dua Lipa. I’d take her to London for an evening river cruise, then on to a cocktail bar.

Posh Spice will be devastated! How about a theme tune?
Sweet Child of Mine by Guns N’ Roses. It’s a great belter for down the pub.

We’re sensing quite a lot of your time revolves around the pub… How about a fascinating fact that will stun us?
I can put my foot behind my head while sitting in my chair at work.

Is that even possible? Any awful fashion disasters to share?
My hair; it used to be past my shoulders!

At least you could tuck it behind your ears using your foot! Have you ever met a celebrity?
Oddly enough, David Beckham. He used to come in to a restaurant where I worked.

He must have wondered why there were suddenly two of him. Your numbers are up – how are you spending your lottery winnings?
An iced-out Rolex, Audi R8 and a penthouse in LA.

Well you look like Becks, so why not live like him too, eh? Finally, make us laugh.
I went to a seafood disco last week… and pulled a ‘mussel’.

We’re in stitches here Nick. Now the pub is calling, so off you go. And thanks for being a superb Skip Hunk!

Family-run Dunmow Waste Management is based in Chelmsford, Essex and has been operating for more than quarter of a century. Find out more at www.dunmowwaste.com