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February’s Skip Chick: Picasso wannabe Chloe is leader of the pack as EMS’ numero uno skip driver

February’s Skip Chick: Picasso wannabe Chloe is leader of the pack as EMS’ numero uno skip driver

LOOK out – she’s the clumsy skip lorry driver who might just give you a kick, and a thank you as she goes. Meet this month’s Skip Chick, Chloe Elizabeth Hammond.

Hi Chloe! Tell us a bit about yourself.
I’m 29 and I’ve worked at EMS Waste Services in Exeter for five years. I’m a skip lorry driver and I help out with admin in the office when needed.

Sounds like you keep very busy. What’s the best bit about your job?
Banter with the other drivers and working for such a supportive company.

Aw, the boss will love you for that! Any bits about driving that skip lorry that you aren’t so keen on?
Nothing – I love every aspect.

You must be the perfect employee. What’s the funniest thing that’s happened to you?
I was travelling on a tiny bus in Ukraine. As the bus in front braked sharply, I accidentally kicked the woman in front of me, and said the only Ukrainian word I know – which was ‘thank you!’

Well that must have gone down wonderfully well. What about outside of work – what do you get up to?
I like horse riding and I enjoy painting.

You never know, you could create the next Sistine Chapel! Double points if you do it riding a horse too. Speaking of insane ideas, what’s the craziest thing that’s happened?
I once got stuck in a 12-yard skip.

Happens to the best of us – we’re forever hauling the boss out of the bottom of the office skip. How about a romantic night out – what’s involved?
Probably staying in, cosy and warm with a takeaway and a good film with my partner, Daryl.

Get your super-hero cape on and tell us which power you’d love to have.
The ability to ‘shush’ people.

We’ll shut up in a minute – promise! Tell us something about yourself that will surprise us.
I’m too clumsy for this job!

Not great for someone driving a great big lorry! Now sum yourself up in three little words.
Hard working mum.

You deserve a medal. Time for dinner – what’s your speciality dish?
French toast, bacon and maple syrup. Best food ever!

Sounds pretty delicious to us. Ever rubbed shoulders with the rich and famous?
I met Nick Baker from The Really Wild Show when I was 16. He was a really nice guy. I loved watching him on TV when I was younger.

Are you more likely to be checking your social media…or getting social down the pub?
Definitely social media. I don’t have time for the pub because I’m busy looking after my two-year-old!

Finally… leave us smiling with your best joke.
What’s not heavy and blue? Light blue!

On that hilarious note, we’ll say our goodbyes. Thanks Chloe – you’ve been a super Skip Chick!

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