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Attero Recycling rebrands to Eco-Power Environmental


ECO-POWER Environmental’s new brand better reflects the company’s core business and demonstrates its commitment to continued growth in the UK and international waste, recycling and alternative fuels markets.

Doncaster-based waste and recycling company, Attero Recycling Ltd, has today unveiled a new brand and corporate identity as the company changes its name to Eco-Power Environmental.

The new brand will provide a single consistent identity and set of values across the company as it continues its expansion.

Eco-Power Environmental and its subsidiary Eco-Power Fuels manufacture a range of sustainable fuels from a variety of commercial and municipal waste streams.

These alternative fuels are used by energy-intensive businesses in the UK and worldwide to offset their reliance on traditional fossil fuels.

As a result, Eco-Power Environmental diverts over 95% of the material that it manages from landfill.

The company recently announced the expansion of its fuel manufacturing capability with a new SRF (Solid Recovered Fuel) pellet production plant in Hull.

Commenting on the rebrand, Eco-Power Environmental’s Commercial Director, Louis Calders, said: “In addition to better reflecting our current business model, the Eco-Power Environmental brand will enable us to create a unique position in the UK waste, recycling and alternative fuels market.

“It will also provide an important springboard to support our continued growth, as we work to realise the commercial and environmental benefits of sustainable waste management and alternative fuels.”