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May’s Skip Hunk: Oskar Olszyczka of GJF Fabrications Ltd

Oskar skip hunk

HE’S the baby-faced, milk-drinking family guy who’s almost too good to be true.

Meet this month’s Skip Hunk OSKAR OLSZYCZKA – just don’t ask him to make you a sandwich…

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m 30 this year, and I’ve worked at GJF as a CNC machine operator since last May.

What do you get up to in your spare time?

I don’t do much after work – as work takes up 60% of my usual day.

You must have to really love it to be there so much!
What’s so good?

Definitely the people. The team that I spend most of
the day with are the best ever. I wouldn’t change them for anyone else.

And what couldn’t you live without?
Family, music and shoes. I buy a new pair every time I get a chance – it’s my addiction.

Any embarrassing moments to share with us?
After I shave people treat me like a kid. A cashier asked me for ID, when I wanted to buy washing tablets. Goodness knows what they’d ask to see if you wanted to buy booze!

Any hobbies?

Sport – there is a lot of sport in my life: skate, basketball, break dance, gym.

We’re exhausted just reading that! What’s the craziest thing you’ve done?

I’m just about to do something crazy – I’m getting married in September. I would also like to do a parachute jump. That’s a seriously crazy dream.

Love is in the air by the sounds of it. Ideal date night?

I’ve had the ideal date. I met a girl in the UK, and we went for a walk with her dog. We talked long about life and experiences we’d had. Then when I tried to kiss her, her dog did a pee on my bag. I felt marked and accepted. She will be my wife soon.

It’s just far too romantic for words! What superpower would you love to have?

Help the homeless and ill people. I try to help animals as much as I can – that’s my superpower. I don’t need anything else, as I try to be good. I’ve a great family – that makes me a superhero!

Welling up here. Let’s talk theme tunes – what’s yours?

Paluch – he’s a Polish rapper and the song is “Trzy” which means three. It’s dedicated to three women – mum, grandma and wife. My kind of peace – 100%.

Snoop Dog, eat your heart out. Give us a fascinating fact about yourself.

I was drinking milk from a bottle with a teat until seven!

Some things are best kept under wraps. That might be one. Quick! Three words to sum you up.

Pedantic, romantic, unpredictable.

And a joke to make us smile?

What’s the difference between men and snow? None. In both you never know how many centimetres it’s going to be, and how long it will stay.

Sure we have no idea what you’re referring to there. Any fashion disasters to share with us?

I bought a pink jumper, and sometimes I feel ashamed to wear it.

Bet it looks just peachy on you. What’s for dinner over at the Olszyczka house?

I don’t cook a lot, as my fiancée makes miracles in the kitchen.

Imagine you’re king – what rule would you introduce?

If someone is hurting animals on purpose they should be treated the same way. That would be my rule.

Social media or social down the pub?

I don’t go to pubs. I’d rather spend time with my fiancée, our dog, or with friends.

GJF Fabrications Ltd, Walsall, West Midlands: www.gjffabrications.co.uk