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May’s Skip Chick: Kristina Gordon of Maxi Skips

May’s Skip Chick: Kristina Gordon of Maxi Skips

GET the tea on, our Skip Chick is going places – once she’s figured out how to put petrol in her car. Meet our very own Greek goddess, KRISTINA GORDON.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m 22 years old, and I work at Maxi Skips in Chichester, West Sussex. I’m an office administrator.

And how does your day pan out?

I’ve worked here three months, so I’m new. I deal with phones, bookings, and liaising with customers. I also do general office duties and make a good cup of tea!

Just milk, thanks- and Hobnobs. What’s the best part?

I love talking to customers. Everyone has their own story – that’s what I find fascinating! I absolutely adore Lisa – who I work with – and my boss, Nick. There’s never a dull moment in the office. Still, roll on 5pm!

You’re a very happy girl. Anything ever bug you?

Tricky! I could live without hair straighteners, people’s negativity, tomatoes, mushrooms, and gravy – yuk!

Any funny or embarrassing moments to share?

My car broke down and I was gutted. I got it towed home and drained the battery trying to get it going. It was towed to a mechanic and it cost £250. The mechanic looked at it and asked: ‘Are you blonde?’ I’d only run out of petrol – I was laughing, and crying.

Ouch. Apart from figuring out where the petrol cap is on the car, what do you like to do when work is over?

I love going home to my other half, and our eight month old Jackawawa. I’m a family person – I’ve got younger twin sisters. I love going shopping and going on holiday every four months. It’s 15 days till I go to Amsterdam!

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

Jumping off Cape Greko in Ayia Napa! It’s a massive cave and very high. It was crazy, but I’d do it again!

What’s your idea of a romantic night out?

I was brought up in Cyprus, so it has to be a nice Greek restaurant and a few cocktails. My ideal date would have to be Tom Hardy – he’s gorgeous!

So we’ve heard! If you had superhero powers, what would they be?

I’d be able to breathe underwater. I love swimming and it would great to be able to swim under water like a fish.

What’s your ‘theme tune’?

It has to be ‘Let it Go’ from Frozen. I have seven Godchildren, and they all love the song.

Give us one fascinating fact about yourself.

I speak Cypriot, If I hear anyone speaking Greek, I tell my other half what they are saying. I’m trying to teach him – he doesn’t have a clue what I’m saying. It’s so funny!

Sum yourself up in three words.

Funny, clumsy, and I like to think I’m quite intelligent!

Think you’ll fi nd that’s 10 words, but we’ll let you off if you make us laugh.

My boyfriend told me to stop acting like a fl amingo. I had to put my put my foot down. Makes me laugh every time!

Had any fashion disasters?

I went to a trampoline place and was wearing tight tracksuit bottoms. The stitching came undone so everyone could see my underwear. So embarrassed!

Bet your cheeks were red… Moving on, what’s your speciality dish?

Has to be pasta, bacon & chicken with creamy sauce.

Say you were queen, what law would you introduce?

It would be no tax, or less tax.

Ever met a celebrity?

I met Katie Price and Peter Andre in Cyprus. They had a house there as Peter has Cypriot links. They were so lovely.

Social media or social down the pub?

Has to be the pub! Every Friday my whole family meet at the pub for a weekly catch up, as we all live busy lives.

Imagine winning the Lottery. What would you buy?

I’d buy a farm! I’d love to rescue all stray animals and give them love, food, and warmth. I already have a puppy and two, five foot long snakes!

Maxi Skips, Chichester, West Sussex: www.maxiskips.co.uk