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SKIP CHICK MARCH 2018: Amber Clarke, Eco Baughan 2000 Ltd

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She’s the party girl who loves horsing around. Meet this month’s extremely bubbly Skip Chick Amber Clarke!

Hey Amber, thanks for being a gorgeous Skip Chick. Tell us a bit about yourself.
I’m 20 and I work at Eco Baughan 2000 Limited in sales and admin. I’ve been here for three months – I do everything from computer and admin work to going to shows, running errands, and completing tasks given to me by everyone!

They’re working you far too hard. What’s the best bit about working there?
I love everyone who works in and out of the office. We all have a great laugh, and get on well.

Sounds like a happy place. Anything you can’t stand?
I could live without rude customers and pointless sales calls. But I suppose that’s part of the job!

Never mind, can’t be fun and games all the time. Any moments at work that make you blush?
We have big blue metal stairs at work, and I once very nearly fell down them in front of everyone (cringe!)

Ouch! What about after work? What do you love to do?
I have horses and a very cute puppy, so I like to spend time with them and go to shows with my horse on the weekend. Oh, and I also enjoy going to the pub for a few drinks!

Hopefully, you leave the horse at home, or the journey home could be messy. What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?
My friends were all at the Young Farmer’s Club AGM last year but I was working. One night I thought  ‘bugger it – I’m going’.
I drove down at 8pm that night, partied for a few hours, and drove back at 5am the next morning to be back in time for work.


Bet work was fun that day… Turning to romance, who’s your ideal date?
I love going out for a light dinner, and then cocktails! My ideal date would be with Taylor Lautner from the Twilight movies – I’ve had a girl crush on him since I was like 10! 

If you had superhero powers, what would they be and how would you use them?
I would love to be able to be invisible so I could be nosy without seeming rude.

Seems fair. So what’s your theme tune?
My theme tune would be “Before He Cheats” by Carrie Underwood. It’s such an upbeat rocky song – I love it!

A jolly song of bitter revenge – can’t whack it. Now sum yourself up in three words.
Outspoken, bubbly, chatty.

We can’t imagine you being anything other than perfect, but ever had any fashion disasters?
Once I was so rushed one morning, I went out without a bra on and left my PJ top on.

Easy mistake! Now when you’re cooking, what’s your speciality dish?
My speciality dish would be bacon and cheese pasta bake, with homemade garlic bread.

The food of kings! Talking of which, if you were queen what law would you introduce?
My law would be that no one was allowed to work at the weekends.

Could we put a suggestion in for a no work Monday to Friday every single week as well? Meanwhile, social media – or social down the pub? Screen time, or a scream in the pub?
Scream in the pub! I love a good pub sesh!

Imagine winning millions on the Lottery. What would you buy?
I would buy a yard with lots of stables and a great big house! I would also buy a boat, as I love the water.

Make us laugh… can we have a joke please?
Why did the horse cross the road? Because someone shouted HAY!

You may be Amber, but in our book you’re definitely ‘green for go.’
Thanks for being a top notch Skip Chick.